• Reading PIR sensor values with Thunderboard sense 2 and simplicty studio

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting in the forum. 

    So i am working with thunderboard sense 2 and simplicty studio. I want to use an external PIR sensor connected to the board to get PIR data in my PC. As in read the analog PIN and value and see…

  • beagle bone+texas instruments dual mode bluetooth evaluation mode

    hi i need help in making this project work. I have the following equipment.


    CC256XQFNEMCC256XQFNEM Texas Instruments dual mode Bluetooth evaluation module

    EFM32 Giant Gecko starter kit from silicon labs

    Biometric evaluation board from silicon labs


  • Vehicle Simulator Project - update

    blog entry #3


    see also blog #1 Vehicle Simulator - VTR / RTR   and blog #2 Vehicle Simulator Project


    This update shows the Car Cape running on a Beaglebone Black.

    Both vehicle simulator and vehicle recorder systems have been built and they communicate with…

  • Vehicle Simulator - VTR / RTR

    Virtual Trip Runner (VTR) and Real Trip Recorder (RTR)

    blog entry #1

    blog #2

    blog #3

    This project is an attempt to develop an open source vehicle simulator for use by anyone needing realistic vehicle data delivered as it would be in a real vehicle.

    The project…

  • WeatherBrella - an IoT Project


    I was just contemplating my next project when an admirer of my previous FLORAbrella said, "Wouldn't it be cool if the umbrella could tell you whether it was going to rain or not?". That's really not so crazy, as I had thought about linking to the net…

  • Learn how our range of IoT, connectivity, and ADAS solutions can help accelerate your next breakthrough

    Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 5G, NFC, UWB, these wireless technologies underpin many peoples' daily lives, and there are countless new possibilities on the horizon. Join us at the virtual NXPConnects2020 and learn more!


    Join a global audience of developers…

  • How to develop NFC applications: NFC pairing for audio devices

    Audio speakers and headphones are becoming wireless, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as the most popular technologies.

    NFC is the fast and simple way to associate wireless devices, without creating conflicts. No menus, no waiting.

    The most advanced solution for…

  • Design and Implement NFC applications : Antenna design considerations for NXP NFC reader solutions

    The NFC antenna design is one major part in every NFC reader design. For a proper NFC reader design, it is required to have the insights and skills about choosing the right antenna for your purpose as well as knowing the NFC antenna tuning procedure.…

  • NFC Products: IoT solution made easy with NFC 2: Bluetooth pairing with the NTAG I²C plus kit for Arduino pinout


    Today, the growing number of NFC smartphones enables intuitive interaction with just a tap to your smart device.

    Take the Smart Home example: very often complexity comes with the first setup of devices that are as diverse as the standards under which they…

  • What is a wettable QFN?


    As part of the recent KW36/KW35 launch, I saw that this new Bluetooth 5 device was offered in a wettable flanks QFN package and is actually the first Kinetis device to be offered such a package.  So, I wanted to investigate a bit more and try to understand…

  • Investigating IoT Wireless Signals

    Many IoT devices use wireless methods to communicate with other devices or with host systems. Just as with DC power-rail signals, probing of RF signals should be done with as little noise and as non-invasively as possible and with the best possible signal…

  • MangOH Red Launch and Legato Framework


    Sierra Wireless has just launched their newest offering in the IoT space. The MangOH Red is a smaller and more compact board than it's older brother the MangOH Green. Aimed at a being used in an end product rather than the development, the board…

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Kits and Platforms Review


    Element14 decided to conduct a RoadTest of some of their most comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) kits. The exercise in total included a dozen bits of hardware including the most popular single board computers (SBCs) various microcontroller…