• beagle bone+texas instruments dual mode bluetooth evaluation mode

    hi i need help in making this project work. I have the following equipment.


    CC256XQFNEMCC256XQFNEM Texas Instruments dual mode Bluetooth evaluation module

    EFM32 Giant Gecko starter kit from silicon labs

    Biometric evaluation board from silicon labs


  • Vehicle Simulator Project - update

    blog entry #3


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    This update shows the Car Cape running on a Beaglebone Black.

    Both vehicle simulator and vehicle recorder systems have been built and they communicate with…

  • Vehicle Simulator - VTR / RTR

    Virtual Trip Runner (VTR) and Real Trip Recorder (RTR)

    blog entry #1

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    blog #3

    This project is an attempt to develop an open source vehicle simulator for use by anyone needing realistic vehicle data delivered as it would be in a real vehicle.

    The project…