• Anti Sleep Pilot keeps you sleep free

    There are plenty of things you shouldn’t do while behind the wheel of your vehicle. Drinking and driving, texting and sleeping at the wheel can all have fatal consequences. While all can be prevented by using common sense, ASP has come up with a solution…
  • Nanobots to communicate with the help of E. coli

    Nanobots may one day be implemented to help fight diseases such as HIV or cancer. But how would they communicate with each other inside our bodies to give terrible diseases the equivalent of a tag team death match? Maria Gregori and her team from the…

  • Need Help on Measuring patients Height using Arduino

    I am planning to work on a project for low-resource setting that helps the rural medical practitioners to measure a patients height and temperature and I bet arduino is the right tool to use but I don't know where to begin on the height measurement.…

  • medical sensor



    im working on fetal movement sensor. what kind of sensor is the most suitable to use for better accuracy?

    any idea and suggestion? please share with me. thank you

  • How do you assess MCU performance for Medical applications?


    I'd like to gather some advice on designing new medical devices.

    How do you assess the performance of the latest MCU’s which integrate analog peripherals, connectivity, user interface, …for your medical application without spending too much time…
  • How will mobile technology help in healthcare?

    When it comes to using mobile technology for healthcare applications, there is plenty developed nations could learn from activities going on in emerging nations.
    That was the theme sounded during the closing session at the 3rd annual summit on mHealth…
  • Stem cell based transplant, good or bad?

    The operation in progress (left). Synthetic Windpipe section (right).
    A man with tracheal cancer has recently had a windpipe transplant with one made from his own stem cells.
    The surgery was performed on June 9th at the Karolinska University Hospital in…
  • Disposable pressure transducer

    For a medical project where blood is circulated exracorporal we need to measure pressure in the circuit. We like to do this with disposable pressure transducers. Standard disposable pressure transducers can measure in the range of -50 .. + 300mmHg. We…

  • Capacitance or Inductance?

    Designers can choose from a number of controller implementations to deliver the benefits of touch-sensitive user controls in medical devices. Which method is best - capacitance/inductance?

  • UK Conference to Address Software Reliability

    UK Conference to discuss coding standards and development tools for the development of software for safety critical and highly reliable systems.


    The UK's first "Reliable Software Developers’ Conference" has been announced; a conference that will…

  • Biosensors as shields for microcontrollers.

    I am a student in a Masters of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship program. This week my team is working on a very unique project that requires a lot of customer feedback. We need help from those with expertise in biotech, medical device research…

  • MD&M East 2013

    Is anyone attending the MD&M East show in PA this week? Our team is off to a good start on Day 1 at booth #3531.

  • Freescale ECG Healthcare Demo based on Tower Kit [video]

    This video shows a Freescale solution that allows the you to measure, record and review their weight and resting blood pressure/pulse and forward that data to a personal, physician or electronic health record.


  • Electronic systems allow seniors to age comfortably and safely in their own homes.

    Extracted from the publication of Lisa Montgomery on Electronic House website July 30th 2010


    Talk to just about anybody, and they’ll have a story to share about an aging loved one. Often, those stories are punctuated with feelings of worry, guilt and uncertainty…

  • Freescale Kinetis K50 microcontrollers ARM Cortex M4 Demo in Hospital Operating Room [video]

    This demo highlight the features from the Freescale Kinetis K50 microcontrollers ARM Cortex M4, which integrates an analog measurement engine consisting of integrated operational and transimpedance amplifiers and high-resolution ADC and DAC modules that…

  • Freescale Home Health Hub Reference Platform [video]

    Freescale demo shows a simulated bedroom environment aggregating medical data, communicating wirelessly via Bluetooth with i.mx based tablet, and multiple sensors.


  • Could not attend Freescale free webinar on Medical? Want to see the slides?

    If you could not attend our free webinar on Freescale solutions in the medical domain, that's not an issue.

    Ask all your questions to Mab user and he will take care of them.

    Would you be interested to have access to the slides that were displayed during…

  • Former Apple CEO John Sculley On The Future Of Medical Technology And Health Care's Killer App

    John Sculley has had a diverse career by any measure--he has served as president of PepsiCo, CEO of Apple (where he famously championed the tablet computer in the 1980s), and more recently, chairman of Watermark Medical, a medical products company that…

  • Sensors Advance Medical and Healthcare Applications


    There  is no doubt that medical and healthcare applications represent major  opportunities for electronic equipment manufacturers and their sensor  suppliers. The applications include hospital and clinics, doctors’  offices, remote wireless healthcare, and…

  • Tiny RFID amulet stores medical records, makes paramedics' lives easier

    Using RFID to store medical records, ultimately making the jobs of paramedics and doctors that much easier, is hardly a new concept.
    But, for the most part, such devices have been limited to clinical trials. Asahi Kasei Corp. is hoping to change that with…
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  • 5 Bizarre Accidents That Helped Invent Modern Medicine

    We like to think that medicine is an exact science, as the adjective "haphazard" doesn't exactly inspire confidence when it's applied to people who have the power to stick their fingers up our ugly bits. But it turns out that some of the greatest discoveries…

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  • Interested by Portable Health Care reference design ?

    A recent video presenting a new reference design for health care applications, based on Kinetis, MCF51MM microcontrolers and MMA76xx accelerometer.


    have a look here to see the video

  • Freescale medical solutions webinar

    Hey all,


    I just wanted to let you know Freescale are hosting a free webinar on challenges and opportunities in the medical market. You can get more details here. http://www.element14.com/community/events/2940


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