• Anti Sleep Pilot keeps you sleep free

    There are plenty of things you shouldn’t do while behind the wheel of your vehicle. Drinking and driving, texting and sleeping at the wheel can all have fatal consequences. While all can be prevented by using common sense, ASP has come up with a solution…
  • medical sensor



    im working on fetal movement sensor. what kind of sensor is the most suitable to use for better accuracy?

    any idea and suggestion? please share with me. thank you

  • Electronic systems allow seniors to age comfortably and safely in their own homes.

    Extracted from the publication of Lisa Montgomery on Electronic House website July 30th 2010


    Talk to just about anybody, and they’ll have a story to share about an aging loved one. Often, those stories are punctuated with feelings of worry, guilt and uncertainty…

  • Freescale Kinetis K50 microcontrollers ARM Cortex M4 Demo in Hospital Operating Room [video]

    This demo highlight the features from the Freescale Kinetis K50 microcontrollers ARM Cortex M4, which integrates an analog measurement engine consisting of integrated operational and transimpedance amplifiers and high-resolution ADC and DAC modules that…

  • Freescale Home Health Hub Reference Platform [video]

    Freescale demo shows a simulated bedroom environment aggregating medical data, communicating wirelessly via Bluetooth with i.mx based tablet, and multiple sensors.


  • TURCK duotec stellt unter dem Motto "Sensoren in Therapie und Diagnose" auf der COMPAMED 2011 aus

    Hochauflösende Fotos unter: info@prismapr.com


    TURCK duotec stellt in der Halle 8a, Stand M14 aus


    Presseinformation 4/2011


    TURCK duotec stellt unter dem Motto  „Sensoren in Therapie und Diagnose“ auf der COMPAMED 2011 aus


    Halver, 9. November 2011  * * *   Die…

  • Freescale partners with KEE Group and Pounce~

    Freescale, In collaboration with Punce Consulting and KEE Groupe, demonstrates a total end-to-end solution for patient diagnostics using Freescale technologies


    KEE Group, Pounce and Freescale have partnered on demonstrating a total end-to-end solution…

  • Cancer detected in 60 minutes

    From Harvard and MIT coming the $200 handheld cancer detector. The journal Science Translational Medicine says that the device uses magnetic particles and antibodies to detect cancer cells in the body. First suspect cells are extracted from the patient…
  • Hydrocells used to make new sensor for medical use

    Researchers set out to make a low cost and durable sensor with no moving parts. The  result was the ‘diffraction-based’ sensor, made of thin stripes of a gelatinous material called a hydrogel, which expands and contracts depending on the acidity of its…
  • Energy-efficient ‘smart’ house can also monitor health

    An energy-efficient house which can send alerts if its residents are ill has been developed by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. InterHome, which is the first home in the UK which can learn from its residents and take decisive…