• Temperature sensor for MSP430 LaunchPad



    I'm looking for temperature sensors for my MSP430 Launchpad.  I'm a software engineer and i'm not very familiar with the hardware.


    My project : I want to add an automatic valve to my pool sun-heater system so it opens only when the water…

  • New digital temperature sensor cuts power consumption, size by more than 75 percent

    Texas Instruments (TI) has unveiled what it claims to be the industry's smallest—measuring only 0.76 mm x 0.76 mm-- most power-efficient digital temperature sensor. According to the company the TMP103EVMTMP103EVM consumes 97 percent less power and…
  • Temperature switch

    Hi all,


    I'm hoping someone may have some ideas that I haven't seen yet.


    I'm trying to run a little USB-powered (5v) heater to keep a small area outside from freezing or getting too cold. I'm aiming for around 15 degrees Celcius.

    It would…