• Lowest Power Freescale MMA8491Q Xtrinsic Accelerometer [Product Launch, 7 November]



    On Wednesday, 7 November, Freescale will announce the MMA8491Q Xtrinsic ultra-low-power accelerometer at the MEMS Executive Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona. This sensor enables smart meters, home appliances, asset tracking applications, gaming and remote…

  • New Technology Prevents Drunk Drivers from Turning on the Ignition

    The DADSS programs hopes to put an end to drunk driving, with a technology that prevents a drunk driver from driving when intoxicated. The project involves the development of a car that tests blood alcohol content (BAC) and prevents ignition-start up…

  • Sensor Board Layout for our Rocket

    This Time

    In this blog post I plan to go over the board layout for the components chosen in the previous blog entry and explain the reason for the layout and placements that I have chosen. I was hoping to give an outline for the software but due to the…

  • Alps Alpine / Humidity Sensors Product Infomation

    I'm pleased to introduce you to Alps Alpine's Humidity Sensors.

    Introduction video is available from here.

    The video covers analog output type sensors, in addition to this,

    Alps Alpine offers digital sensors.


    Prod No.HSHCAA…
  • TI Sensors & Field Transmitter block diagrams and solution guides.

    End-Equipment Solutions from TI... www.ti.com/sensors


    Easily view full block diagrams, application notes, tools and software and other related information on the following sensor end-equipments.


  • Questions about Panasonic Grid-EYE Infrared MEMS Sensor WEBINAR Thu 12/3/15??



    Experts will be available to answer your questions on the new Panasonic Grid-EYE Infrared Array Sensor and Evaluation Kit tomorrow.


    It can detect multiple people or objects moving in different directions; up, down, left, right and diagonally, including…