Little Free STEM Library Design Challenge

A little library can have a big impact in a community. Join element14 in promoting STEM education and awareness by entering our Little Free STEM Library Design Challenge. Use your own hardware to build or upgrade a little library near you, and compete for prizes!

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A Little Free Library is a small, community-run library that is typically a wooden box filled with books, located in a public place such as a park, community center, or neighborhood. These libraries are free to use and are often maintained by volunteers. They are intended to promote literacy and a love of reading by providing easy access to books for people of all ages. Anyone can take a book from the library, and anyone can leave a book in the library. They are usually open to the public 24/7.


Calling all STEM Groups, Girl Guides, Scouts, Maker Spaces and Community Spaces!

Do you think you can Host, Build or Upgrade your local Little Library to help those getting into STEM? We are making an open call for caretakers for fully stocked little STEM Libraries for your local spaces.

Avnet’s Communities element14 and Hackster are hosting a competition with the help of SciTech Institute, to expand worldwide accessibility to STEM and electronics.

Who are we looking for:

Someone with access to a space and community in need of STEM support.

What we want you to do

We want you to Build, Host, or Upgrade and existing Little Library as part of a community and then share your build blog on element14 or Hackster. You may use a hardware or software application of your choice for your project.

  • Do you want to build a Library with a secret passcode?
  • Do you want to add a solar lighting system to the box?
  • Do you want to add a touch screen that wont allow kids to access the contents of the box until they answer some questions?

How do you Get Started?

If you are not already a member, you will need to register an account to participate in the challenge. Click here to register.

First, begin your submission by posting an introductory blog to the challenge space; discuss your planned procedure in detail and introduce yourself to the element14 Community within this blog. Once completed, challengers will then start the build phase, posting their progress in subsequent blogs. Remember to link all of your challenge blogs together in preparation for judging.

See the Example Application for tips.

The Dates

Project Phases Dates
Launch Date 19th June 2023
Build Period 19th June 2023
Projects Due 31st October 2023
Winners Announced November 2023
Prizes Shipped November 2023

Why are we doing this?

Because providing science-enabled content to promote STEM/STEAM education and awareness is one of the core missions at Avnet Cares.


Since March of 2022, Avnet HQ (based in Phoniex, US) worked with the Literary Society of the Southwest, in collaboration with the Rural Activation Innovation Network, Southwest Human Development, and public libraries around Arizona and compiled over 1000 themed STEM kits for rural areas.

Inspired by this local project, we are now expanding the initiative to our global communities via element14 and Hackster community. We're inviting developers & designers from both element14 and Hackster communities to submit your project idea on "Little Free STEM Library".

For this design challenge, it can be a brand new library design from scratch that can house both books and STEM kits; or an "upgrade" or "retrofit" to your existing local Little Free Library to add a "STEM module".

For this design challenge, it can be a brand new library design from scratch that can house both books and STEM kits; or an "upgrade" or "retrofit" to your existing local Little Free Library to add a "STEM module".

The Prizes


Prize 1

Grand Prize

micro:bit board will be awarded to 5 winners

Prize 2

Runner Up

Rybbon Gift Card will be awarded to 5 winners

Prize 3

Finisher prize

Maker Shed Book Bundle will be awarded to 5 winners

The Judges

element14 Community Judges
element14 Community Team
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The Terms

Please read the full terms and conditions attached below.

Little Free STEM Library Design Challenge
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