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The Giga R1 packs BLE and the power of the STM32H7, the processor used in the Portenta H7, into the accessible Mega form factor.

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Learn about the winning projects of our crazy arduino automations contest in honor of Arduino Day! Anything from automating your coffee, room automation, PID controllers, machine automation, line automation, and more!

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See how Machine Vision and Machine Learning make it possible to remotely evaluate the pest population in vineyards.

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Nicla Sense
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An intelligent board that features industrial-grade sensors, including a Bosch Sensortec BHI260AP motion sensor system with embedded AI.

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Nano 33 BLE Sense
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A low-power board with built-in BLE and Bluetooth 5, featuring temperature, pressure, humidity, light, and gestures sensors.

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Arduino Edge Control Board
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Designed for precision farming applications, this control board is well suited for irrigation with modular connectivity.

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