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The 7 Ways to Leave your Spartan-6 program teaches you about the migration from the Spartan-6 to the Spartan-7 FPGAs, by presenting multiple activities you may engage in.

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element14 and Xilinx are inviting you to participate in a series of fun activities starting 31st March 2022. The 25 sponsored challengers have been chosen but you can still participate in the competition by purchasing the Arty S7 Spartan-7 FPGA Dev Board, and win great prizes with a twist to an old song: The 7 Ways to Leave Your Spartan-6.

Earn points by completing these activities. The more points gained, the better chance you can win big:

  • Write a blog comparing the differences between the Spartan-6 and Spartan-7 FPGAs. Up to 10 points
  • Take our quiz here with available resource guide to help. Only the first attempt will be counted towards the point total. Up to 10 points
  • Build a project with the Arty S7. Up to 50 points
  • Ask/answer a question or start a discussion. Up to 25 points
  • Add a sensor to your project. Up to 50 points
  • Use your ongoing project to create an experiment. Up to 50 points
  • Write a summary blog on what you learned about the Spartan-7 FPGA. Up to 15 points

The deadline for all activities is 5th August. See Contestant Standings

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