Printrbot Jr. 3D Printer (Assembled)

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The Printrbot jr. is a great choice for people who are new to 3D printing. It's small, portable, and IT FOLDS! image


The jr. is slightly simpler than other printers because it ONLY uses PLA (no ABS) and does not come with a heated platform. PLA is non-toxic and biodegradable with a lower melting temperature – a safer choice for kids. It also uses one less motor than our other printers, greatly simplifying the process of moving the Z axis.


Features include:


  • 4″ x 4″ x 4″ build volume
  • PLA only (no ABS) – approximately 1/2 lb included with purchase
  • Astonishingly light at 6.3 lbs (when weighed apart from a power supply)
  • Compact – the bed folds up for easy carrying and packing
  • Fan mount kit with Fan included
  • Laptop power supply included
  • Future Upgrades:
  • A battery pack and LCD (sold separately) will allow truly wireless printing.


We are giving away a Printrbot jr to one lucky winner for FREE-- that's a value of USD $499.00.  In return, we simply ask that you write a detailed review of your experience with the Printrbot. Think about what would be helpful to you if you were reading another member's review, and let your friends on element14 know what you think about the Printrbot.


And did we mention you can print your own Yoda?




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