Agilent 34461A Digital Multimeter

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Introduction to the Agilent 34461A Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit Truevolt DMM
Agilent 34461A Digital MultimeterEasily set up and see your results and get actionable information faster
  • See your results clearly on a bright, 4.3-inch (109 mm), high-resolution, color graphical display. Get answers faster using the intuitive, menu-driven interface. If you have questions about a key or functionality, press and hold the key to display built-in help on the subject.
  • Customize display operation to meet your needs. Configure your preferences and pull them up automatically at the next instrument start-up.
  • Add customized labels to describe the instrument’s measurement your way.
  • Get quick insight with graphical views of your measurement results: View readings, long-term trends and measurement histograms for a statistical view.
Save and document your DMM’s data to your PC or mobile device using your preferred I/O:
  • Control, capture and view your DMM’s data on your PC with a single click using the Digital Multimeter Connectivity Utility via USB, GPIB, LAN, or RS-232 (for older generation Agilent DMMs).
  • Easily access the fi les on your DMM using drag-and-drop to transfer fi les via USB – no software required.
  • Choose the I/O that works best for you: USB, LAN/LXI Core (optional on 34460A), GPIB (optional on 34460A & 34461A).
  • Easily access the front-panel USB memory connector.
Blogging Challenge
Successful RoadTesters will be invited to blog on the Test & Measurement area in addition to providing the standard RoadTest review of the product; the blogs should fully describe use of the product in practical scenarios. Blogs should incorporate videos and images whenever possible. The winner will be announced on Monday, October 28, 2013 and a Grand Prize of a bundle of Truevolt Measurement Tools will be awarded shortly thereafter.
Ben Heck & the Agilent Truevolt DMM
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  • Testers will be selected on the basis of quality of applications: we expect a full and complete description of why you want to test this particular product and your approach for blogging about it.
  • Testers are required to produce a full, comprehensive and well thought out review, we also expect a minimum of 3 blog posts about this product in the Test & Measurement area of element14. Both are due by October 25, 2013.
  • Failure to provide the review and blogs within the above timescale will result in the enrollee being excluded from future Road Tests.
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