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What will be offered in this Road Test?
image Ten (10) B-Smart BoosterPack kits (featuring AIR module A2541R24A AIR module with Bluetooth Smart technology) will be made available to selected element14 Road Test applicants. Each B-Smart kit will also be bundled with an MSP430 LaunchPad kit to plug it onto. When connected to your embedded application the B-Smart kit and TI's LaunchPad™ development kits enable you to quickly and easily develop an RF connection between your embedded application and a Bluetooth Smart mobile device, using the secure Em-hub web portal of our software ally, Emmoco.
What exactly is a B-Smart BoosterPack kit?
Anarenís B-Smart BoosterPack kit features the Anaren A2541R24A AIR module with Bluetooth Smart technology. Used in conjunction with several Texas Instruments LaunchPad development kits (for this RoadTest, weíll be bundling it with the MSP430 LaunchPad), the B-Smart kit helps you develop the RF connection between your our AIR module and a Bluetooth Smart enabled phone or tabletÖusing the secure Em-hub web portal of Anarenís software ally, Austin, TX-based Emmoco.
Contents of each of these 10 B-Smart BoosterPack plug-in modules
Each B-Smart kit includes the following:
  • One A2541R24A AIR Module BoosterPack board for connection to TI's MSP430™, Tiva C, C2000™, and other LaunchPad development tools. IN THIS INSTANCE, we will be bundling each of the 10 B-Smart kits with a TI MSP430 LaunchPad development kit.
  • Each BoosterPack board includes indicator LEDs, current monitoring circuitry, and provision for an on board MSP430 Value Line microprocessor
  • B-Smart breakout cable for easy connection to a wide variety of processors
  • The on-board A2542R24A AIR module…
    • includes TIís CC2541 SoC
    • offers a tiny 11x19x2.5 mm footprint (SMT)
    • pre-certification to FCC/IC and ETSI compliant
    • low power consumption
  • More about the moduleís firmware…
    • comes with Emmoco firmware (based on TI BLE Stack), designed for easy implementation of embedded mobile connectivity. Emmoco software and tools (accessed through the ìEm-hubî) enable easy communication between an embedded device and Bluetooth Smart phones and tablets
    • Emmocoís software tools and ìschemaî concept generate code that makes sharing data between embedded and mobile devices easy
What will you need to supply in order to operate your free B-Smart BoosterPack?
imageOrdinarily, you would need to have one of several compatible TI LaunchPad development kits on hand: However, to save you that step and expense, weíve bundled an MSP430 LaunchPad in this RoadTest. As such, you will only need the following to participate in this RoadTest:
  1. A USB-equipped PC/laptop
  2. Internet connection to access the Em-hub web portal, where youíll access all of the applicable Emmoco software tools, examples, the unique ìschemaî functionality, etc. to begin developing your embedded mobile connectivity via Bluetooth Smart.
  3. And, of course, access to the embedded application/product to which you are trying to add wireless functionality/Bluetooth connectivity.
Useful links for more information
To learn more about our B-Smart BoosterPack kit, the A2541R24A AIR module, the Emmoco Em-hub, or the Texas Instruments MSP430 LaunchPad -- please use these reference links or contact
B-Smart BoosterPack kit support & reference:
Requirements for participants in B-Smart RoadTest
The Anaren team is looking for 10 qualified RoadTest participants to review its new B-Smart BoosterPack kit (demonstrating the A2541R24A AIR module with Bluetooth Smart technology). As described in the RoadTest summary, this kit is used in conjunction with Texas Instruments MSP430 ñ which will be included free as part of the RoadTest.
Applicants for this RoadTest will be deemed ìqualifiedî for participation in the drawing for its 10 free kits based on the following criteria:
  1. participant must be interested achieving ìmobile connectivityî between their embedded product/application and a Bluetooth Smart phone or tablet.
  2. participant agrees to test and review the kit (via blog on Element 14) within 2 months of the kitís receipt at the participant's location
  3. participant agrees to answer a minimum of 5 of the following questions in his/her review:
    1. What did you think of the kit when it first arrived, even before you opened the box?
    2. On opening the box, what struck you first about the layout of its contents and the overall component packaging?
    3. On unpacking the box and looking at all the parts, what did you feel we could have added to the kit, or even excluded from the kit, for that matter?
    4. Were you successful in connecting the kit to your embedded application?
    5. Were you successful in connecting your kit/embedded application to the ìEm-hubî using the tools and instructions included with the kit?
    6. How was your experience with the Em-hub itself?
    7. Did the kit live up to, exceed, or fall short of your expectations?
    8. Would you recommend this kit to your customers and colleagues?
  4. participant agrees to allow Anaren to promote / republish the resulting blog via its website or other means.
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