Review of NXP LPC4330-Xplorer Board

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RoadTest: NXP LPC4330-Xplorer Board

Author: migration.user

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Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: STM32F4 discovery Beaglebone

What were the biggest problems encountered?: it is made for low cost. At the first time i connected Ulink/me to miniUSB, i was unable to disconnect because of low quality cables/connectors, and i have to cut it. Spring mechanism for locking usb cable was unable to detach from connector. Better is to use miniUSB B type connectors. As far as i understand, they are better for wear and tear and are more rugged.

Detailed Review:

I will write a full review when i get free time from my thesis writing.


So far i can say, quality is not god, compared to 10x low priced ST32F4discovery board, with basically same functionality, and it has all gpio routed to connectors which nxp board don't, and that is disappointing for me, i was unable to find any full 16b port for connecting custom electronics( i really want to test some fractal demo against STM32F4 and Beaglebone, and maybe against NIOS 2f too),all ports was used for usb/lan/audio/sdcard and so on which is good for some users doing something with sound or similar.


For my opinion is a bit overpriced, since it is targeting higher cost even than beaglebone, which is just powerhouse for computation except very slow I/O, and it has ARM Cortex A8 with very powerfull NEON


Right now trying to understand new Keil Uvision IDE for programming for this board, originally i am IAR user, it is one of the best compiler out there, but no Ulink/me debugger support, which is sad.

I will try to make GPIO speed test, math speed test, and fractal demo for this board, i really looking forward to try out this dual core processor which could be used in job because of capability to run two programs in parallel, like M0 do all GUI and take controls from user, and at the same time M4 core running 205MHz doing DFT and other stuff from adc  (this is what i do right now tih STM32 microprocessor)


In box i found Ulink/me Keil ULINK-ME Debug Adapter:



NXP LPC4330-Xplorer Board with lot of capabilities, like sdcard, sound in/out, flash, lan,usb and so on:


Available peripheral map , SGPIO,GPIO, UART, SPI, USB and so on, will be usefull trying to emulate I80 bus for LCD for fractal demo:


I will update this review as soon as i get license for Keil, because i can't use IAR, and trial version limit is just not enough.


As it turns out, it is possible to use IAR IDE and STLink V2 to program and debug LPC4330, but i was unable to find how to download program to SPI , and boot processor from this mode.

So if you have only IAR and some old ST32discovery board lieing around, connect SWD to 10 pin JTAG header, chose download program to RAM, in debugger menu chose STlink debugger, and in STLink windows chose SWD (NOT JTAG !) and use SWO clock in auto mode.And you will be able to debug program, and run it as long as you have power to that board,