Beaglebone Black Radio Challenge - Review

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RoadTest: Beaglebone Black Radio Challenge

Author: Nitin_Bhaskar

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

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Beaglebone arrived two weeks before, but i was so involved in the Beaglebone Black Radio Challenge that i literally forgot to write review.The package included Beaglebone Black, a case, a Power adapter, a RTL2832U SDR, a 4.3" LCD cape. Wifi module was not part of the package but it was sent later and i received in a week after the first package was received. I attached the 4.3" LCD cape to the BBB and powered it, LCD starts working upon Angstrom boot-up. Thanks to it EEPROM content which lets BBB about the cape. I was pretty impressed with the quality and ease of handling of BBB and its related products. Getting the SDR up on BBB was also not an issue. I installed cmake and libusb paackages, downloaded the rtl-sdr source, compiled it and was good to test the basic functionality. More info on getting SDR up is published in my project blog. The BBB case looks pretty neat and useful when not using LCD cape.

The wifi module is from RaLink and Angstrom has default support. Just enter command "ifconfig ra0" and you can see the wifi configuration.

Overall I am very satisfied with the items I received for Beaglebone Black Radio Challenge. Thanks element14 for setting up this contest and supporting whenever requested.