RoadTest the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2GB) - Review

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RoadTest: RoadTest the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2GB)

Author: robogary

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: NONE !! RPi4 is the new standard.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: There was one small a typo in the PyImageSearch installation instructions. I wish the Raspberry Pi hardware engineers would publish a simple advice table in the instructions about the units watts loss and needed enclosure size if enclosure is TENV (totally enclosed non ventilated and non conductive thermally), enclosure size and vent size if the enclosure is convection cooled, enclosure size if enclosure has xx size vents and a exhaust fan of xx cubic inches per minute. The advice is not for me, but others whom want to pack 10 lbs of taters in a 5 lb bag :-)

Detailed Review:


I have a new true love, and she is called Raspberry Pi 4. 

The Raspberry Pi 4  is a new standard to computing fun. I couldnt put it down.

The specs and description claim it is faster than the RPi3s,

but from the very first power up, I just kept repeating WOW.

She does a lot of things faster.

Refer to the attached table for comparative testing data, and the video for the live demonstration.

Seeing is believing.


Analysis and test results.

My test was to compare some imaging and LAN task speeds between the RPi3B and the RPi4 2Gb,

and then a coup de gras: facial recognition.


I got side tracked for awhile on the debate of air cooling, fans, and heatsinks.

My final analysis is RPi4 runs cooler than RPi3. Because iRPI4 is faster, you'll ask it to do more, which makes it run warm.

If the RPi 4 is stuck into a small, nearly sealed enclosure, it will get hot. as does everything else in this world. 



A 12 minute video of the highlights of the testing and the comparative performance

of Raspberry Pi 4 to Raspberry Pi 3B  is posted on You Tube:


  • Thanks. Yes, VNC has delays, the point was to show the delay time difference between RPi3 & RPi4 .

    RPi4 was much faster.

    I forgot to mention, the GPU memory in all models and tests were defaulted to 128 Mb.

    I will experiment more with assigning more resources to GPU memory, see what happens :-) 

  • Thanks for the review. I did notice in the video you had a VNC to the pi 4 while on the pi 4 HD. VNC will always be slower due to network delays.