Infineon BLDC Shield + XMC 4700 Relax Kit + Motor - Review

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RoadTest: Infineon BLDC Shield + XMC 4700 Relax Kit + Motor

Author: biomedroy

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Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

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Attached is a PDF file of my review for the Infineon BLDC Shield, XMC 4700 and Nanotec BLDC motor.


Roy Morris

  • The RoadTest hardware configuration is with an Adruino Uno and not the XMC 4700 Relax Kit provided. Thanks

  • Very good road test report.



  • You can use the Arduino Uno or the XMC4700 board.  I used the Arduino with the BLDC shield attached.  Dave was too cumbersome and time consuming for me.


    The role of the XMC4700 was a board to run the BLDC shield.  The Arduino was another option since they had the same pin out compatability.


    Dave software is used for most of their products so it is one platform for 100s of different kits.


    Yes you must take out some smt resisters and put in others at differrent area.  I wish they made one board to do both.  I do believe they have a variant that will do the hall effect sensors but that was not what we got.


    I ran the motor on sensorless program and did not connect the Encoder.  I wanted to use the encoder but I do not have the resisters and since I work mainly out of country was beyond what I could do at that time.  Using the sensors is the way to go.


    I hoped that answers you questions.  I am still going to continue using this product on some projects I have.

  • I intentionally overloaded the motor and did current limiting.  They would grind to a stop then sometimes quiver a little.  I always had to turn off power and reset the arduino to get started again.


    The big BLDC motor I used which was the Garett ML5108 would go for 1 second then stop.  It was THE motor I wanted to drive.  The ifx007T would drive it I believe but the board was capped at 30 amps total which I dont think was right either since the Nanotec motors never got that high.  Maybe it was thermal shutdown but that should be a product of current I would think.


    Roy Morris

  • I have a few questions to gain some clarification.


    • What is the physical setup for testing?

    Is it a three board layer sandwich starting with an Arduino Uno, that has XMC 4700 Relax Kit attached and then on top of that the Infineon BLDC Shield.


    What is the role of the  XMC 4700 Relax Kit? Can the BLDC shield be attached directly to a Arduino Uno?


    • You indicate you abandoned the Dave Software and used the Arduino IDE. Any idea what the intent of the Dave Software?


    • Can you clarify the following:

    To use the magnetic encoder provided with the Nanotec motor requires the modification of the BLDC shield with SMT resisters.


    My take on the comment is, there is a feature of the Nanotec motor that is only supported if the BLDC shield is modified. Can you tell me what the modification is?

  • Nice review!

    Good to see those profiles on the scope and that clarifies few things for me. Did you have any issues with motor jerking when overloaded/ supplied with underrated current?