Wireless Power KitWireless Power and contactless charging technology has become a reality, with millions of mobile phone devices that implement this system today.  Yet, this technology is still in its early phases of adoption across a wide range of new applications including wearable products and industrial / medical applications.  We will review the basics of how this technology operates, and briefly compare the three common standards (WPC, PMA, and A4WP) being considered for the broad market.  Some of the key system considerations like power capability, efficiency, thermal issues, and magnetics design will be reviewed, with some basic guidelines on how to get started with a wireless power system design.
Presenter: Upal Sengupta
Upal Sengupta is an Applications Manager with the Texas Instruments Power / Battery Management Solutions group.
Since joining TI in 2004, Upal has worked in applications engineering and technical marketing roles in support of TI’s portable power and battery management businesses. Prior to joining TI, he gained his background in portable power by working as a system design engineer for OEMs developing mobile phones, portable computers, and consumer products.
Upal received a BSEE from the University of Illinois, and an MSEE from Michigan State University.
"Beyond the Phone" - Wireless Power Challenge
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