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How to enable an MCU with Trustzone & Security IP to secure your sensor application and connect to cloud

Featuring the newest generation Microcontroller from NXP, the LPC5500 Series, based on the Arm Cortex M33, this session is going to show you how to secure you IoT sensor based design, so you can protect against some of the most common local attacks to access the program code, and also how to leverage hardware blocks to generate & store certificates for cloud connectivity.  The key IP blocks we will demonstrate how to use are the Trustzone Block, which is a new feature on the M33, the SRAM PUF module for key generation, and the new PRINCE module for securing your program code.

Webinar Presenters


Gordon Padkin, Regional Marketing Manager, NXP Semiconductors

Gordon has been working in the semiconductor industry all through his career with a focus on microcontroller from 8- 16- to 32bit and has worked with a range of customers developing solutions for a wide variety of different end applications.


Tomas Voda, System Engineer for LPC family, NXP Semiconductors

Tomas has been working in the semiconductor industry as application developer and actually with focus on microcontrollers NXP LPC family.