Register and Attend for a Chance to Win a Wearable Health Monitor Kit!

This webinar is intended for design engineers.  Following the presentation, you will have a chance to ask questions about the solutions discussed.   The attendee who asks the best questions will win a free kit from Analog Devices that enables you to develop your own wrist-worn heart-rate and activity monitor.

Design engineers are looking for low-power solutions to extend battery life with accurate measurement and reduced product footprint.  This webinar will discuss how ADI addresses those design challenges and how design engineers can use the combination of  analog front-end/signal conditioning and interface solutions to design low-power, high-precision and high-performance systems.  These solutions are well-suited for various applications such as environmental monitors, factory automation, and household appliances.

What you will learn by attending:

  • What are the use cases?
  • How to chose the signal-conditioner for your applications?
  • How can ADI get you started and the resources available?


Win a Health-Band Development Kit:

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Heart-rate and activity monitor evaluation and development platform. The wrist-worn heart-rate and activity monitor provides a simplified means to extract high-accuracy vital signs and raw data from health sensors for wearable designs. This unique evaluation and development platform uses the MAX86140 optimized optical pulse-oximeter/heart-rate sensor and the MAX20303 wearable power management solution and showcases Maxim's motion-compensated health sensor algorithms. It is suitable for fitness and wellness trackers, health monitoring trackers, reliable hardware to develop new use cases and customer algorithms.

Attend and Learn to Earn a Certificate:


Following this presentation there will be a short quiz to test your knowledge.  Complete the quiz and watch the presentation either live or On Demand to earn a certificate.  If you attend and demonstrate what you have learned, your certificate will be emailed to you.


To Earn a Certificate:


  • View at least 30 minutes of the presentation
  • Score a 100% on the quiz


The Presenters

image image
Paulina Pan, Sr. Manager, Product Line Management at Analog Devices

Muhammad Qazi, Sr. Manager Applications at Analog Devices

Paulina Pan is a business manager in Core Control & Automation group at Analog Devices based in San Jose.  Paulina has 20+ years experience in the semiconductor industry.  Paulina leads a team that manages low power, high precision signal chain, clocks and RF products. Muhammad Qazi is a Manager of Applications in Core Control & Automation group at Analog Devices. Muhammad has extensive experience with sensors and their analog front-end solutions for consumer and industrial markets where saving power and high-end robust performance is critical.