Industry 4.0 can be achieved through the digitization of existing equipment outputs combined with new sensors all on the same platform.

This webinar will discuss how to leverage legacy analog and MODBUS sensors for temperature, pressure, load-cell, flow, and more using a series of smart probes. Attention to both wired and wireless approaches are discussed combined with the series of platforms for sensing, control, alerts, configuration, and scale-up. Omega Engineering IIoT products and platforms will be included in this discussion. Facility systems can take advantage of existing sensor measurements and equipment signals. A digital transformation of existing equipment is possible in addition the adoption of new digital smart probes. All device data can reside on an internal network, a cloud account, or both if needed. The implication of this discussion is how to achieve an Industry 4.0 facility, gain an understanding around edge monitoring and control, a discover of mechanisms to deliver and maintain data, and suggested steps for pilot evaluations to a full system installation.

What you will learn by attending:

  • Facility transformation
  • Edge Monitoring vs Edge Control
  • Enterprise Control vs. Cloud Monitoring
  • Intelligent alerting vs. alert fatigue
  • Means towards piloting and scaling your facility
  • Data driven decisions


Attend and Learn to Earn a Certificate:


Following this presentation there will be a short quiz to test your knowledge.  Complete the quiz and watch the presentation either live or On Demand to earn a certificate.  If you attend and demonstrate what you have learned, your certificate will be emailed to you.


To Earn a Certificate:


  • View at least 30 minutes of the presentation
  • Score a 100% on the quiz


The Presenter

Kevin Goohs, Director, IIoT Strategy & Implementation at Omega
Professional with over 20 years of R&D Management, Product & Technology Development, Market Development, and Private Label Relationship experience in Environmental and Process Monitoring Equipment, Healthcare Environmental Sensing Equipment, Process Monitoring Equipment, and Laboratory Electrochemistry Consumable markets. Experience managing large teams working to support product development and introduction for direct and channel partner go to market strategies.