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Microcontroller classes
An Intro to Microcontrollers and the C Programming Language

Shorten your learning curve for the TI MSP430 and Code Composer Studio integrated development environment. This course is devised and presented by Valparaiso University's College of Engineering, one the top 30 in the US. Use code 24valpo for class registration fee discount.

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MSP430FR6989  Launchpad, Red LED  (x4), Yellow LED  (x2), Green LED  (x2), Jumper Wires  (male to female), Jumper Wires  (male to male), Jumper Wires  (female to female), Pushbutton Switch  (x2), 470 Ohm Resistor  (x4), PotentiometerDAC , and Breadboard
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image Embedded Systems Course
A self-paced online course about the world of embedded systems and microcontrollers. You can build your own classic arcade style game by the end of the course. Choose the hardware you need, or if you are just starting out, buy the bundle TIVA C + edX Lab Kit. You'll be all set for your class.
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TI Tiva C LaunchPad (EK-TM4C123GXL)
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TI TIVA C LaunchPad + edX Lab Kit
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edX Lab Kit (ONLY)

Green LED  1.8V 2mA 5mm (x2),  Red LED  1.8V 2mA 5mm (x2),  Yellow LED  1.8V 2mA 5mm (x2),  Switchcraft Phone Audio Connector , Twin Industries Solderless Breadboard ,   Global Specialties Jumper Assortment Kit ,  Omron B3F Tactile Push Button Switch  (x4),  Bourns Potentiometers Slide ,  Panasonic Carbon 1/4W Resistor , 5%, 470 (x6),  Panasonic Carbon 1/4W Resistor , 5%, 1.0k,  Panasonic Carbon 1/4W Resistor , 5%, 1.5k (x3),  Panasonic Carbon 1/4W Resistor , 5%, 12k (x3),  Panasonic 1/4W Resistor , 5%, 10k (x4)

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