J-Link 6-pin Adapter

Manufactured By:Segger
J-Link 6-pin Adapter J-Link 6-pin Adapter
J-Link 6-pin Adapter
J-Link 6-pin Adapter
Part Number:8.06.16 J-LINK 6-PIN NEEDLE AD

The J-Link 6-pin Adapter has been designed to connect J-Link to a PCB which does not come with a mating connector or programming header. The designed pattern with 3 locating pins ensures, that the adapter can only be connected in one way. The 6-pin Adapter allows manufacturers to save costs and space on their PCBs since there is no need to provide the PCB with additional connectors. It adapts from the standard 20-pin 0.1'' J-Link connector to a 6-pin needle connector.

J-Link 6-pin Adapter is compatible to J-Link BASE, J-Link PRO, J-Link ULTRA , J-Link EDU, Flasher ARM, Flasher RX, Flasher PPC and Flasher Portable.

Pinout: the three locating pins ensure, that the adapter can not be connected to the PCB the wrong way. Moreover, the two "legs" on each side of the connector guarantee a stable and secure contact between pins and the PCB.

Note: If JTAG support is required, use the J-Link Needle Adapter instead, since the 6-pin Adapter does not provide enough pins for JTAG.


  • No additional connector required on your PCB
  • Very small footprint - even smaller than the footprint of the (10-pin) J-Link Needle Adapter.
  • High reliability spring pins for secure connections
  • Designed with 3 locating pins, so the adapter can not be connected the wrong way

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