Arduino Pro LoRa Gateway

Manufactured By:Arduino
Arduino Pro LoRa Gateway
Part Number:AKX00016

The Arduino Pro Gateway kit provides LoRa® (Long Range) connectivity using ultra-long range and high interference immunity on the 868 MHz radio bands. The gateway offers up to 8 LoRa® Channels in the 868Mhz frequency allowing it to receive up to 8 LoRa® packets simultaneously making it the ideal device to use in LoRa WAN gateways applications.

It is designed around the SX1301 from Semtech, which enables robust connection between the gateway and a massive amount of wireless end-points spread over a very wide range of distances. It has the Listen Before Talk capability. When enabled, the device monitors channels continuously and transmits only if the channel is free. It's the perfect companion of the Arduino MKR WAN 1300. Installation, provisioning and remote management the Gateway are made incredibly simple through the Arduino Create platform.

This gateway enables people to leverage the LoRa® connectivity in many use cases:

  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Environmental monitor
  • Smart Cities
  • Home and Building Automation
  • Wireless Alarm and Security System
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control
  • Long Range Irrigation System
  • Agricultural Monitoring


The gateway radio hardware is powered by Embit EMB-LR1301-mPCIe module and Arduino hardware design team. The gateway comes pre-installed with an optimized packet forwarder and a carrier grade network server for LoRaWAN that is running on the Arduino Cloud provided by A2A Smart City (part of the A2A Group).


  • Semtech SX1301 chipset with two SX1257
  • LoRa® (Long Range) connectivity
  • Up to 8 LoRa® Channels @ 868Mhz
  • Listen Before Talk (LBT) Capability
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • RF Output Power: Up to +27dBm
  • Sensitivity: Up to -137dBm
  • Interfaces for the LoRa Module:  mPCIe (SPI / I2C / UART / GPIOs) :
  • On-board uFL antenna connector
  • FPGA support for LoRa Spectral Scan
  • Operating Voltage: +5V

Ships With

  • Gateway with LoRa® connectivity, SX1301 baseband chipset
  • Adapter for Raspberry Pi
  • Aluminium enclosure 
  • Raspberry Pi 3 model B+
  • 5V Power supply
  • Ethernet cable
  • External antenna

Required Tools

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