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Part Number:102991834
BeagleY-AI is built off BeagleBoard’s passion to broaden the growth of the OpenSource hardware ecosystem. In the last 2 years, BeagleBoard has launched 6 new boards focused on making IoT and AI more accessible. BeagleY-AI continues this trend offering improved efficiency and 4 TOPS of specialized AI processing power through the new Texas Instruments AM67 processor along with high-speed interfaces such as PCIe, USB3 and for the first time, Wifi 6 and BLE 5.4.

BeagleY-AI is an open-source single-board computer designed to simplify the process of building smart human-machine interfaces(HMI), adding cameras and high-speed connectivity to a reliable embedded system. It features a powerful 64-bit, quad-core A53 processor, multiple powerful AI accelerators paired with C7x DSPs, integrated 50 GFLOP GPU supporting up to 3 concurrent display outputs and modern connectivity including USB3.1, PCIe Gen 3, WiFi6 and BLE 5.4.  The board is compatible with a wide range of existing accessories that expand the system functionality such as Power Over Ethernet(PoE), NVMe storage and 5G connectivity.  With its competitive price and user-friendly design, Beagle Y AI provides a positive development experience using BeagleBoard's tried and tested custom Debian Linux image.

BeagleY®-AI users get started quickly and ramp AI performance to full throttle in applications such as:
        Factory and Building Automation
        Test & Measurement
        Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
        Intelligent Vision
o   Image Classification
o   Object Detection
o   Semantic Segmentation    


Full-featured Computer for Today’s Embedded AI Workloads
        Texas Instruments AM67 system-on-chip (SoC)
        Quad-core 64-bit Arm(R) Cortex-A53 CPU subsystem at 1.4GHz
        Dual general-purpose DSP with Matrix Multiply Accelerator (MMA) capable of 4 TOPs
        Arm(R) Cortex-R5 subsystem for low-latency I/O and control
        GPU, video and vision accelerators, and other specialized processing capability
        4GB LPDDR4
        microSD card socket
        Board identifier EEPROM
        Networking BM3301 module
        WiFi 6 (IEEE802.11ax)
        Bluetooth 5.4 with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)
        Gigabit Ethernet with power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) support via add-on
        3 Simultaneous Displays
        OLDI (LVDS) with touchscreen support
        MIPI-DSI with touchscreen support (muxed with MIPI-CSI)
        Other I/O
        PCI-Express® Gen3 x 1 interface (requires external adapter)
        4x USB3 (5Gbps) type-A host ports
        1x USB2 (480Mbps) type-C device port and power input
        40-pin expansion header
        Fan power and control connector
        3-pin JST-SH console UART

        10-pin TAG-CONNECT JTAG header    



Required Tools

Accessory Tools


Getting Started Guide