Texas Instruments 430Boost-CC110L BoosterPack featuring  Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules

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What will be offered in this Road Test?
Ten (10) 430Boost-CC110L AIR Module BoosterPack kits will be made available to   selected Element 14 Road Test applicants.
What exactly is a 430Boost-CC110L AIR Module BoosterPack kit?
The 430Boost-CC110L AIR Module BoosterPack kit is a development tool that   enables design engineers to quickly develop wireless applications using Texas Instruments popular LaunchPad   development tool. Retailing for approximately $20USD each, this BoosterPack kit features Anaren Integrated Radio   (AIR) modules based on TI’s CC110L low-cost, low-power RF chip and operating at the global ISM bands at either   868MHz (Europe) or 915MHz (N. America).
Each of these 10 free BoosterPack kits will contain:
  • 2 each A110LR09A-LPD BoosterPack boards (featuring Anaren AIR modules)
  • 2 each MSP430G2553IN20 MSP430 Value Line microprocessors (pre-flashed w/ control firmware
  • 1 CD (contains software, driver, applications notes, more)
  • 1 step-by-step QuickStart Guide
What will you need to supply in order to operate your free BoosterPack?
In order to use this kit, you will need two of your own Texas Instruments  LaunchPads, which will be provided to successful enrolees, free of charge. Additionally, you will need a PC and may want to have   a soldering iron, solder, an x-jumper, and USB battery.
What would we like to see from the particpants?
We would like that the participants to blog and/or write about their experience with the kit -- and the AIR module itself on the kit.
Preference will be given to applicants whose applications / reasons for participating are concentrated on three types of wireless applications:
  • Industrial Sensor Applications
  • Remote Controls / Switching Applications
  • Star Network Applications (of any type)




More about TI's LaunchPad development Kit
There's no easier way to test and launch your applications than with Texas   Instruments’ MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad development kit. Each LaunchPad features:


  • Integrated flash emulation for simple programming and debugging via USB (mini USB cable included)
  • Includes MSP430G2211IN14 and MSP430G2231IN14 Value Line devices
  • Breakout pins are easily accessible for interfacing external components or daughter cards
  • Free software compiler and debuggers are available from both Code Composer Studio version 4 and IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Open source code examples, projects and hardware design files are free and available for download
  • Design resources, User Guides, videos and design file are all available at TI’s LaunchPad wiki or LaunchPad portal
To learn more about the different components of this RoadTest, use these   reference links:
430BOOST-CC110L BoosterPack:


A110LR09A Radio Module:


An added benefit of AIR-equipped BoosterPacks: Anaren's   exclusive BoosterStack software!
When you install this AIR-equipped BoosterPack in the LaunchPad environment, you   gain access to Anaren's BoosterStack software, featuring our exclusive AIR Traffic Control (ATC) GUI -- for real-  time monitoring of your radio application's performance and data packet integrity. And because we give you full   access to BoosterStack's source code, you can easily leverage the code in your own application! AIR BoosterStack   Software / Firmware:
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