Agilent U1273AX Handheld Digital Multimeter

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Operational down to –40 °C temperature
The U1273AX OLED handheld digital multimeter, the latest addition to U1270 Series, is capable of operating in winter weather down to –40°C temperature.
Even in frigid conditions, the U1273AX enables you to achieve immediate and accurate results without the need to warm up in advance.
OLED for more display clarity
Designed with OLED display, you can experience crystal-clear measurement readings with its outstanding 2000:1 contrast ratio. The display also allows wider viewing angles up to 160 degrees ensuring you get the right readings at the first glance even in poorly lit environments.
Increase productivity with Bluetooth® wireless connectivity
For wireless connectivity to smartphones and tablets, the U1270 Series is compatible with the U1177A infrared-to-Bluetooth adapter for maximum efficiency and productivity in completing measurements tasks.
Adding the optional U1177A to a U1270 Series you can easily perform remote monitoring and data logging via Android devices or Windows®-based PC.
For customers in Europe, click on the following link to view promotion to get a free U1177A Bluetooth adapter for wireless logging and data transfer: [LINK]
Based in the US or Canada? Click here instead to view related promotions from Agilent Technologies:  [LINK]
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  • Just recieved my unit, i am hoping to post a video un-boxing sometime this weekend image with some initial thoughts...and then in a few weeks post a full review!

  • My package was returned to element14 on the 15th and recieved by them on the 18th ... Can i at least have some updates? It sucks to wait 2-3 weeks already (Since the 5th of feb i've been waiting)

    Due to some ... i think the lithium batteries are the problem, WHY USA WHY?!

  • I wonder how the battery life is affected a low temps?

    What is the performance at 130 Deg?



  • Following a certain reply, no i am not one of the last applicants, in fact i am one the first applicants when the roadtest came out

    And ... Look forward to a unbiased review! With my favourite categories of test equipment *evilgrin*

  • Yes, after they selected the winners, the list is change to make easier to see who are the road testers

  • Just out of curiosity, were the last five to enter the ones who were selected? Or is it just organised that way to make it easier to read reviews?

  • Hi Everyone.


    Thank you all for applying. This RoadTest is now closed. We are pleased to announce the following members that have been selected to receive this Road Test:


    • Dave Seether
    • Shannon Mackey
    • Alex Marconnet
    • Mark Saunders
    • Anne Laure Maury


    Congratulations! Your product will be shipped to the address each of you provided when you applied for this RoadTest. As a reminder, element14 and our supplier partners send these products free-of-charge because we place high value upon your unbiased, detailed product review. Please post your review back here within 3-6 weeks of receiving your item.


    For those who were not selected to win this product, we have new Road Tests open for applicants


    Enroll today and Good Luck!!!  image

  • Wow, that's really some great interest in the U1273AX here. So hopefully we'll read some nice roadtests soon. Of course I would love to take one with me on my fieldwork and test it out, but I am sure there are plenty of others who would find good use in this one as well.

    Good luck fellows!

  • Hopefully we'll find out soon who the testers will be. I'm hopeful as I could greatly use it. I love writing reviews and doing review videos so lets hope for the best.


    Good luck everybody. I'll donate my old multimeter to somebody if I get the chance to test one of these.

  • I think the most interesting aspect of this meter is its wireless interface. Giving the user the ability to make a setup and clear the equipment before powerup. Yet still retain the ability to monitor live measurements.