IBM-MBED IoT Starter Kit

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The IBM-MBED IOT STARTER KIT is an ARM and IBM bolster Internet of Things with cloud based mbed starter kit. The ARM has joined forces with IBM to launch its Internet of Things (IoT) mbed device platform as a starter kit with cloud support, offering developer tools with cloud based analytics. It provides the user with a slick experience, getting data from the onboard sensors into the IBM cloud within minutes. It is particularly suitable for developers with no specific experience in embedded or web development, as it provides a platform for learning new concepts and creating working prototypes. The infinite possibilities of cloud applications can be explored through IBM's production grade BlueMix platform, in which deployment and device management is as simple for one device as it is for one million. The starter kit hardware can be modified and extended to explore the device design space and a finalised design can be taken to production using the mbed SDK and HDK.

  • Mbed enabled NXP MK64FN1M0VLL12 Kinetis MCU with 120MHz frequency, 256KB RAM and 1MB FLASH
  • 128 x 32 graphics LCD
  • 5 way joystick
  • Two potentiometers
  • Two user pushbutton switches
  • Easy access to MCU input/output through Arduino R3 compatible I/O connectors
  • Dual role USB interface with micro-B USB connector
  • FXOS8700CQ accelerometer and magnetometer
  • Flexible power supply options
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