Roadtest: Bitscope Blades

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Build reliable industrial strength workstations, servers and cloud computing solutions with Raspberry Pi. BitScope Blade offers robust power & mounting for Raspberry Pi, HATs, Displays and BitScope. It is available in three editions: Uno Pi, Duo Pi and Quattro Pi. They work with BitScope, Raspberry Pi Zero, A+, B+, 2 & 3. BitScope Blade Family, Power & Mounting for Raspberry Pi & (optionally) a HAT.


  •         One, two or four Raspberry Pi.
  •         Uno Pi is compatible with HATs.
  •         Works with Pi 7" Touch Display.
  •         Powerful switch mode supply.
  •         Can use 9V to 48V power source.
  •         Compatible with 12V & 24V UPS.
  •         Use with standard PoE solutions.
  •         Power external USB HDD & SSD.








BitScope Blade is a Blade Server solution built using Raspberry Pi designed for Physical Computing. Raspberry Pi is a very reliable physical computing platform when powered correctly. BitScope Blade 04, Quattro Pi, Power & Mounting for four Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi not included). The key to using it in embedded, industrial and server applications is to have a rugged reliable power & convenient mounting solution for one or more Raspberry Pi in racks and other industrial configurations.


BitScope Blade is tailor made to offer this in a range of cost effective blade boards. Whether it's a rack full of Raspberry Pi to build low cost cloud platforms, build farms or test, measurement and data acquisition systems, or even just a single Raspberry Pi and optional HAT, BitScope Blade offers a range of unique solutions.


BitScope Blade is capable of delivering up to 4A current and is compatible with DC power sources ranging from 9V to 48V. Almost any deployment scenario will work because BitScope Blade supports most common DC power sources. While BitScope Blade started life as Blade Server for Raspberry Pi it has since evolved into a full range of power, mounting and deployment solutions for Raspberry Pi, HATs, the Raspberry Pi Display and of course, Bitscope.


  •         Use high current USB devices.
  •         Rack mount solutions available.
  •         4 x 3mm mounting + stand-offs.
  •         Power tabs for "cable free" use.
  •         Low cost, light weight, no heat.
  •         Integrates with any BitScope.
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