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Keysight Smart Bench Essentials is a complete portfolio of lab bench products including the triple-output power supply, an arbitrary function generator, a digital multimeter, and an oscilloscope. The Smart Bench Essentials series harnesses the power of four unique instruments through one powerful graphical interface with integrated data management and analysis, providing the following key benefits:

  • Elegantly integrated, enabling customers to focus on innovation
  • Configure, control, and monitor multiple instruments from a single screen
  • Test, analyze, and share lab instruments and data remotely with peers
  • Automate common tasks from test set up to report generation
  • Centrally manage an entire lab of instruments and configuration

Keysight’s PathWave BenchVue application software complements the Smart Bench Essentials series to configure instruments quickly, while operating on the same PC screen to test device under test. It stores data on a PC and exports it in standard readable formats for post-analysis work and report generation.

What The RoadTester Will Receive

This roadtest will have two roadtesters. Each roadtester will receive the following

EDU33212A Waveform Function Generator
-Up to 20 MHz Frequency Range
-Dual-channel function generators offer six built-in modulation types, 17 popular waveforms to simulate typical applications for testing, and 16-bit arbitrary waveform capability

EDU36311A Triple-Output DC Power Supply
-2 Channels of 30V / 1A and 1 Channel of 6V / 5A
-With three electrically isolated channels with a total of 90 W clean and reliable power, this power supply includes over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-temperature protection to prevent damage

EDU34450A Digital Multimeter
-5.5-Digits Resolution
-A dual display 5.5-digit digital multimeter with up to 110 readings/s for speed-critical tests, plus generous internal memory for logging up to 5,000 data points

EDUX1052G InfiniiVision Oscilloscope
-50 MHz Bandwidth
-Proven InfiniiVision technology that gives you professional-level measurements you can trust. It comes with a built-in 20-MHz function generator

PathWave BenchVue software

With PathWave BenchVue software applications, you can configure your test instruments quickly and operate all of them together on the same PC. BenchVue stores all your data on your PC and exports data in standard formats for analysis and reporting. PathWave Remote Lab Access and Lab Management software applications provide complete remote setup of your basic electronic test equipment with web-based lab management and scheduling administration, instrument control, and remote access for measurement and analysis, including:

  • secure cloud-based remote lab scheduling and session booking
  • centralized lab configuration, multi-bench lab setup, and instrument control
  • remotely switch measurement points during a lab session

Who would be an ideal roadtester for the Smart Bench Essentials?

University teaching labs and general test labs need test instruments that are smart and connected to each other, connected to the lab, connected to the cloud and connected to innovation. These differentiated connections enable customers to accelerate connected insights, whether in learning, teaching or troubleshooting.

What are the applications for this product?

The Smart Bench Essentials series instruments are ideal for modern university teaching labs that require an enhanced environment conducive to sharing and maximizing learning. Most universities struggle to adapt to this new environment, seeking a blended learning experience with the right technologies. Keysight’s SBE series, when coupled with the PathWave Remote Access Lab software, enables students to schedule and book access to the lab instruments. Once remotely accessing the lab instruments, they can switch between different training kits or measurement points during a lab session. Access is through the PathWave cloud application, which also provides collaborative chat tools and cloud storage. Keysight’s SBE series instruments, when coupled with the PathWave Lab Manager software, enables educators or lab administrators to simplify centralized lab configuration and asset management, as well as mass firmware updates for instruments. They can manage and configure lab instruments for multibench setup. Keysight’s SBE series instruments are general-purpose instruments that are used for the design and test of products in manufacturing and R&D. The new SBE series provide basic, reliable, and capable bench instruments that are affordable for small manufacturing businesses. Workspace in many labs is valuable, requiring instruments that are compact and stackable.


Additional Information

Important Dates

Enrollment Begins Dec 9 2021
Enrollment Ends Jan 24 2022
Roadtesters Selected Feb 4 2022
Product Shipped Feb 8 2022 (est.)
Roadtest Begins March 1 2022
Roadtester Reminder Email April 1 2022
Post Reviews by May 1 2022

Terms and Conditions

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Roadtester Selection

The following applicants have been selected as official roadtesters:

Gough Lui due date April 18 2022

John Porter has not been delivered as of Feb 22 2022

Comment List
  • Thank you roadtesters for the 100% review completion on this roadtest.

  • Congrats , . This is going to be a great one!!!

  • Congratulations and !

    This is a big Road test.  Four connected bench test tools. I don't recall element14 ever running a road test on a suite of instruments before. 

  • The following applicants have been selected as official roadtesters:

    Gough Lui

    John Porter

  • I imagined it... Sweat smile But this means that at this stage everyone can potentially submit a review, even without having been selected and without having received the products, of course. I think it is an issue of the new platform. 

  • Expressionless it's visible to everyone dude

  • I'm checking this RoadTest page: in the status box I see Enrollment Closed and the orange "action" button says "Write Review".

    Comparing with other RoadTests, the same button is "Enroll now" for new and active RoadTests and "Enrollment Closed" for another recently expired RoadTest.

    It's the same for all other applicants? I don't think I was selected, without having received any messages or notifications... I'm really hoping that, but it would be too good to be true! I think it's more likely a system error... Smiley


  • Glad to see there were some decent applications. I came 'oh so close' to applying - had this behemoth test plan and build project all worked out, but it was going to take a thousand hours of "work" plus a $1000 of purchased materials, and I'm already in the middle of 4 projects, so eventually I chickened out of applying. None the less, It will be interesting to see this equipment put through its paces as an integrated test system.

  • To all applicants: an update on the roadtest selections.

    I went through and read every application. I place a lot of weight on the test procedure that you uploaded in the application entry form. The test procedure is important because it communicates your familiarity with the products being roadtested and your test plan gives me a sense of your understanding of how all the pieces work together. Finally, a logical test plan tells me about your ability to complete project in an organized manner. 

    I got 36 applicants. I selected 17 of the applicants whose test plans were above average to compelling. I had one application with a 10-page test plan. It was easy to see that these 17 applicants spent considerable time into their application. I appreciate your efforts. I wished I had 17 of these to roadtest, but unfortunately, I need to narrow it down to 2.

    A couple of side points:

    1. I had one applicant who uploaded a cartoon character as his test procedure. Perhaps that would be better suited for a graphics design competition.

    2. I've been the RoadTest Program Manager since 2016. I have read thousands of applications. But this is the first time someone sent me a blank NDA form to complete. The applicant wanted me to sign it before he provided (I guess) his test procedure. It made me pause. The four pieces of test equipment along with the software is targeting college teaching labs, according to our sponsor. Hardly the type of thing requiring an NDA; we are asking you to review the products we send you, not create a whole new product. My concern is that if the test plan were privileged information, the review may be as well. Our Terms and Conditions articles 2.2.4 to 2.2.6 state that we have the right as the Organizer to use the review and other information the roadtester provides. In any event, the applicant did not complete the entire application entry form. The RoadTest Program promotes the free and open flow of information about products our suppliers sell. This roadtest is probably not the right fit for someone who needs to keep their testing procedure and possibly their review private.

    3. FYI: We are now using a new Roadtest application entry form system. All information you provide on an application form is private. No one can see it other than myself and our system administrators. 

    I hope to make the final roadtester selections in the coming week. 

    Randall Scasny

    RoadTest Program Manager

  • kkazem - possibly a lab assistant is on hand in the lab for the entire schedule of multiple test stands and booked up schedules ?  Instant message or text  the lab assistant for help.

    I almost 100% of the time operate a scope remotely over ethernet, the scope and probes are usually in an electrically hazardous location with high voltage and/or high short circuit current (high energy). Yes , we have to shutdown and LOTO to move a probe or put one back that pops off.