WAGO Rail-Mount Terminal Block System

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About This RoadTest

In this roadtest, you will be testing the WAGO Rail-Mount Terminal Block System. The WAGO rail-mount terminal block system is known for fast installation and use spring pressure connection technology, reducing service costs and increasing system uptime and reliability.

Here's what each roadtester will receive:

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About the WAGO Rail/Chassis Mount Terminal Block System

Master every challenge with WAGO's rail-mount terminal block systems. Our complete, high-performance line of terminal blocks will be the platform for your solution.


  • Complete, high-performance line of terminal blocks for every application
  • The highest level of safety: testing above and beyond the scope of industrial standards
  • Industry-proven spring pressure connection technology: fast, vibration-proof and maintenance-free
  • Additional savings through shorter wiring times, faster project commissioning and the elimination of service costs due to maintenance-free connections
  • Eliminate time-consuming preparation – no ferrules or crimping required

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Important Dates

Enrollment Begins Apr 17 2022
Enrollment Ends May 30 2022
Roadtesters Selected May 31 2022
Products Shipped June 8 2022
RoadTesting Begins June 15 2022
element14 Team Follow Up July 15 2022
Review Posting Deadline August 15 2022

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