Multicomp Pro - Fundamentals of Bench Power Supplies

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The MP710081 US CAL is a bench power supply unit used to provide DC (direct current) voltage to power a device under test, such as a circuit board or electronic product.

This is Not a Standard RoadTest

We are looking for selected roadtesters to create a “Fundamentals” style video based on the bench power supply. You do not need to do a standard format RoadTest for this one – we are just looking videos from engineers using Multicomp Pro products for our Fundamentals Series to be featured on the Farnell Global YouTube channel. We have placed this program in the RoadTest area due to the built-in application functionality and ease of access.

The videos are not meant to be element14 presents quality, we are just trying to showcase the knowledge and expertise of our members in a more informal video format focusing on Multicomp PRO products.

What is a Fundamentals Video?

Selected participants will create a video using the MP710081 US CAL from Multicomp Pro, but not a review. We are looking for a 10–15-minute video of your take on the Fundamentals: how-to, demos, tips and tricks. As opposed to the regular RoadTest review format, the video should be focused on how to better use the product. 

Suggested Structure for your Video Recording

Tell us your name and where you’re from

Introduce the product – explain how you will be using it in your demonstration

Tell us the top 3* things that you’ll be demonstrating and why those features are Fundamentals (you can do more or fewer, but don’t make your video too long)

Then show us those things

Wrap it up with recap – how does a bench power supply make these tasks easier/possible/etc.

Example Videos


Multicomp MP710081 Bench Power Supplies

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Product Overview

The MP710081 from Multicomp Pro is a 60V, 1.6A switching mode power supply. The unit includes the following:

- Current limiting control

- High accuracy, compactness and easy portability

- Rotary encoder tuning with MCU are used for voltage and current controls

- 4-digit LCD display remote programmable via USB

- 10mV and 10mA resolution

- 3 isolated inputs with 1 variable and 2 isolated fixed

- LCD indication - CC, CV, amp, volt, output ON-OFF, AUX output current

- EN 61010 LVD and EN55011 EMC CE approvals

- Short circuit, overload, over temperature and tracking OVP protection

- Natural convection cooling system


Power supply, Test lead set, USB cable, AC power cord (US), Quick start guide.


MP710081 US CAL

Bench Power Supply RoadTest Forum

Use this thread to comment or ask any questions about the MP710081 US CAL.

Important Dates

Begin enrollment: Aug 5, 2022
End enrollment: Sep 16, 2022*
Select Roadtesters by: Sep 21, 2022*
Ship unit: TBD
Begin Recording: TBD
Element14 follow up: TBD
Post Videos by:  TBD

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