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RASynBoard is a low-cost evaluation kit that includes the RASynBoard core module with an I/O board for prototyping and development.

RASynBoard is a tiny (25mm x 30mm), ultra-low power, edge AI/ML board, based on a Syntiant NDP120 Neural Decision Processor, a Renesas RA6M4 host MCU plus a power-efficient DA16600 Wi-Fi/BT combo module. The NDP120 subsystem with onboard digital microphone, IMU motion sensor and SPI Flash memory, achieves highly efficient processing of acoustic- and motion events. Battery and USB-C device connectors facilitate stand-alone use, while a compact under-board connector enables integration with custom OEM boards and additional sensors.

An IO board (50mm x 30mm) is included for implementation of a compact two board evaluation kit assembly. This pins-out a subset of the NDP120 and RA6M4 I/Os to popular Pmod, Click header and expansion header footprints, enabling connection with additional external microphones and sensor options. An onboard debugger MCU (SWD and UART interfaces), button switches, RGB LED and removable MicroSD storage, further maximize prototyping versatility and utility.
NDP120 AI/ML models for popular use-cases (pre-engineered by Syntiant and other vendors) are loaded from local SPI Flash storage for efficient execution on the ultralow power NDP120 neural accelerator device.
RA6M4 MCU application software development and debug is supported via the Renesas e2 Studio IDE, interfaced via the E2OB debugger MCU on the IO board.


  • Accelerated Edge-AI and ML applications
  • Battery-powered remote sensor systems
  • Industrial smart sensors
  • Motor predictive maintenance
  • Always-on speech recognition and sensor fusion processing


Product Variants

  • AES-RASYNB-120-SK-G – this is the product used for this roadtest*
  • RASynBoard NDP120 Evaluation Kit
  • AES-RASYNB-120-G
  • RASynBoard NDP120 Core Board


  • RASynBoard EVK (Core Board + IO Board), Quick Start Instruction Card

RoadTest Goals

Working with the documentation, open the box and test the out of the box experience. Show us what you discovered through text, images, videos, and/or any other media, so the reader understands what is involved in using the product.

Important Dates

Begin enrollment:  Sept 11, 2023
End enrollment:  Oct 25, 2023
Select roadtesters:  Oct 26, 2023
Ship unit: Nov 1 2023
Begin Roadtesting:  Nov 7 2023
Element14 follow up: Dec 7 2023
Post Reviews by: Jan 7 2024

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