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If you are prototyping intelligent and connected process control devices and need the flexibility of I/O interface configurability through software, this board was built for you!

The AD-SWIOT1L-SL is a complete software and hardware platform for prototyping intelligent, secure, network-capable, field devices. It incorporates the AD74413R Quad-Channel, Software Configurable Input and Output and the MAX14906 Quad-Channel Industrial Digital Output/Digital Input ICs, allowing the multiplexing of several analog and digital functions on four channels which can be independently configurable through software to act as:

  • voltage output / input
  • current output / input
  • digital input / output
  • RTD measurement

A 10 Mbps single-pair Ethernet link, using the ADIN1110 10BASE-T1L MAC/PHY, enables remote data acquisition and device configuration. The 10BASE-T1L interface can also be used for powering the system via the Single-pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) technology using the LTC9111 Powered Device (PD) controller. This way, power and data for the system is provided over the same cable to significantly simplify the cabling infrastructure and cost.

For applications requiring high current capabilities, the system can be powered from an external 24 V supply and up to 1.2 A can be output on any of the channels configured as digital outputs. The power supply solution also includes the ADP1032 high performance, isolated micropower management unit (PMU) to provide power and digital control for software configurable I/O devices in one of the most compact formats. The LT8304 Micropower No-Opto Isolated Flyback Converter completes the power tree to provide isolated power to the digital part of the design.

The on-board MAX32650 Ultralow Power ARM® Cortex®-M4 Microcontroller exposes all the necessary debug and programming features to enable a complete software development experience with the system. It is coupled with a 1 Gb (128 MB) external RAM and a 64 Mb (8 MB) external flash memory to meet the most demanding applications and provide the flexibility to implement any protocol stack. Security features are enabled by the MAXQ1065 security coprocessor.

The system is accompanied by an open-source software stack and associated collateral, enabling a complete experience from evaluation-and-prototyping to production firmware and applications development. An external programmer such as the MAX32625PICO MAXDAP Programming Adapter, or any other similar programmer supporting the SWD interface, is required to enable firmware programming and debug. The system’s firmware is based on Analog Devices’ open-source no-OS framework which includes all the tools required for embedded code development and debugging as well as libraries enabling host-side connectivity for system configuration and data transfer over the UART or the 10BASE-T1L interfaces. A PC application with a user-friendly graphical interface is provided to enable easy system configuration and displaying the acquired data in different ways.


  • Allows prototyping of intelligent, secure, and connected process control devices
  • Ultimate flexibility in I/O interface configurability through software
  • Embedded processing for implementing self-capable edge devices.
  • Long-range single-pair 10BASE-T1L Ethernet interface
  • Power delivery via the 10BASE-T1L interface or from a field supply enabling both low and high-power applications.
  • Fully isolated design for safe operation
  • Industry standard form factor compatible with DIN rail mounts


  • Factory automation
  • Process control
  • Intelligent buildings
  • Embedded processing for implementing self-capable edge devices.
  • Long-range single-pair 10BASE-T1L Ethernet interface


RoadTester Instruction

  • Content list: AD-SWIOT1L-BRD board with enclosure, 10BASE-T1L to USB adapter board, PROFIBUS (1x2x18AWG) cable for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connectivity, USB 2.0 cable, Cable connector for the external 24V power supply, Cable connector for channels connectivity, and the MAX32625PICO#
    Note #1: The system comes pre-programmed with a firmware that works with the Scopy application, allowing complete system evaluation. To update the board's firmware, a new bootloader has to be flashed on the MAX32625PICO.
  • Note #2: The roadtester will need to provide a 24VDC power supply at 2 amps.
  • The preferred way to test it would be to use it with something you are currently working on.
  • Otherwise, working with the documentation, open the box and test the out of the box experience. Show the reader of this review what you discovered utilizing text, images, videos, and/or any other media, so the reader understands what is involved in using the product.
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