Microchip PoE to USB-C® Power and Data Adapter - Review

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RoadTest: Microchip PoE to USB-C® Power and Data Adapter

Author: dwinhold

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Evaluation Type: Power Supplies

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: There isn't anything like it available at this time. (As far as I know)

What were the biggest problems encountered?: As far as the Microchip PoE to USB-C, I had not issues. The only issue I had was my Ethernet didn't have power.

Detailed Review:

Detailed Review:  Microchip PoE to USB-C Power & Data Adapter


My review of the Microchip PoE to USB-C is based on everyday use by the average person. I see more customers purchasing this for personal use with their tablet or cell phone, not many for developing. I wanted to show how to use it and how easy or hard it would be for the average customer.


The first issue I ran into was my Ethernet had no POE. So I purchased a POE adapter from Amazon for $15, problem solved!! The Microchip PoE to USB-C was very easy to set-up and use, literally not much to it. I’ve included lots of photos with descriptions to show the results.


This is set up with the POE adapter only. I used this to charge my phone which worked great. As you can see, the set-up is very easy. I feel anyone can use this without any issues. The set-up would have been even easier if I had POE through my Ethernet.




I was very surprised with the voltage put out by the PoE. The below picture shows 49.2 volts output. To get this reading I cut the Ethernet cable and attached my voltmeter to the brown and blue wires.




A closer look at the PoE adapter. All I had to do to set this up was, Ethernet cable in and out.




Here is the Microchip PoE to USB-C running with power and internet.




In order to set-up my phone (Same for my tablet) I had to shut off the WiFi, Bluetooth and Data. I then turned on the Mobile Hot spot for it to connect to the internet.






The first experiment I performed was a speed test. I wasn't expecting the results that I got. This test was using a 50 Meter (165') Ethernet cable from the PoE adapter. As you can see, no loss of power or internet speed. The Microchip PoE to USB-C is incredible and I would recommend it to everyone!!






The internet connection was so fast it didn't feel like a phone when loading the web pages. I can't even explain how impressed I am with the Microchip PoE to USB-C!!

I also tested this in the shop where I work around the machinery. There was no interference caused even when I stood right beside each of the machines.




The claims that Microchip makes about the PoE to USB-C® Power and Data Adapter are all true. I couldn't find any faults in its operation and ease of use. For my cell phone and tablet there was no drivers required, just plug and play. The only thing to remember is to turn on the WiFi, Bluetooth and Data when you disconnect it. I just realized I hadn't done that yet...


Final Thoughts:


The performance and ease of use far surpassed my expectations!! I will continue to use the Microchip PoE to USB-C® Power and Data Adapter at home and work. With no interference from the machinery at work, this makes it perfect for industrial use as well. We might be purchasing a couple for work since we run network cable over 200' in the shop to our computers. I would highly recommend the PoE to USB-C® Power and Data Adapter for home or work, I want to get another for myself!!


Thank you Microchip for allowing us to review the PoE to USB-C® Power and Data Adapter, it is incredible!!


Dale Winhold