SIMPLE SWITCHER® Nano Module Evaluation Board - Review

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RoadTest: SIMPLE SWITCHER® Nano Module Evaluation Board

Author: tonyboubady

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: DC to DC convertors, LDOs, voltage regulators.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Nothing I have encountered as a problem, it was quick and easy evaluation.

Detailed Review:

The LMZ20501 SIMPLE SWITCHER nano module is a DC-DC buck voltage converter, with inductor incorporated into it, very small in size which is suitable for IoT sensor power ups.









Product Description

SIMPLE SWITCHER Nano Module EVM is a evaluation board for LMZ20501. It's a DC-DC buck converter in a small package with inductor built-in. A embed regulator and inductor in a single compact package.




The size of the package is blows my mind, it's just 21mm3 called nano package, the design will require minimum components like input and output voltage filter capacitors along with feedback resistors. The LMZ20501 is capable of providing upto 1A current. It's suitable for powering low voltage sensors, ICs and MCUs. LMZ20501features include Internal Synchronous Rectifier and Current Limit Protection.


Evaluating LMZ20501 SIMPLE SWITCHER Nano Module EVM

Getting started with SIMPLE SWITCHER Nano Module EVM is simple, Connect the module to 2.7 - 5.5 voltage range for VIN pin which located as test lead in bottom left corner of the module, you can either connect the test lead or PCB trace on the edge. the GND pin reside right next to the VIN trace along with test leads(2 test leads for GND), nest comes the VOUT trace and test lead. Connect the VOUT and GND to DMM(Digital MultiMeter). Now the VIN and VOUT is connected, before you go for powering the module we need to enable the module by using jumper located in top right with 3 pins. Place the jumper between top two pins which is a enable state. Now power the module, it will give the VOUT of 1.8V.


SIMPLE SWITCHER Nano Module EVM has 2 operating mode called PWM(Pulse With Modulation) and PFM(Pulse Frequency Modulation), You can change the mode with jumpers located right below the EN(enable) jumper pins. Top two pins enable PWM and bottom two pins enable PFM.


The module comes with Frequency Response Analyser Connections, it has 3 pins from left to right V2, GND and V1.


The module also has 6 traces at the bottom the module edge.



From left to right EN, VINS, GNDS, VOUTS, RTD...

  • EN - You can enable the module remotely without using the EN jumper pins in the top, you have to completely remove the EN jumper to enable the pin remotely, Just connect the trace with external source, it can be 5.5V power source with switch or GPIO pin of the MCU, this is the cool feature to use with MCUs.
  • VINS - It can be connected to DMM to check the accurate VIN voltage.
  • GNDS - Both the 3rd and 4th trace is the GND Pins to use.
  • VOUTS - Can be connected to DMM to check VOUT voltage.
  • RTD - The Resistance Temperature Detector is used to check temperature of the bottom of the board, you have connect 100ohm pulled down resistor.



LMZ20501 SIMPLE SWITCHER will be used in vast IoT applications, the remote enabling feature is useful to work with MCUs, you can make the MCU in sleep low voltage mode and wake it up for power the sensors by enabling the LMZ20501 SIMPLE SWITCHER.