Cool Tools: Weatherproof Equipment Case - Review

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RoadTest: Cool Tools: Weatherproof Equipment Case

Author: rsc

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Evaluation Type: Workshop Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Gator GU-1813-06-WPDF Waterproof molded 18" x 13" x 6.9" carrying case for A/V equipment $149.99 Pelican™ 1550 Case Int. Dims. 18.63" x 14.18" x 7.72" $127.57

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The listed dimensions are for the outside of the case. It's hard to determine if components will fit inside without having inside dimensions.

Detailed Review:

The Duratool weatherproof equipment case arrived sealed in plastic inside an undamaged cardboard box.


Inside was full of foam, the middle layer being perforated for easy sizing for equipment.


The tag stated 18"X14"X7", however those are outside dimensions.  The inside dimensions with all foam removed is 16.75"X11.25"X5.75" at the bottom, slightly larger in the middle because of draft angles.

I fit what I could into the case, we'll see how it survives the airport and a few weeks at sea.


The case and all inside made a trip half way around the world without any damage due to airline and customs or TSA abuse.

Only a few small scratches and dents with 3 plane transfers.  Next we'll see how it stands up to salt water spray.

*** 25July Update ***

I made it back from a month on the Thomas G. Thompson  in the Indian ocean.

The case stayed with the ship since the Alcor System ALPHEA All Sky Camera was going out for another voyage.

There were dozens of weatherproof cases on the ship from various manufacturers including Pelican


Looking at the other cases and comparing features, most of the differences were in the latches.


I believe the Duratool case is an excellent product and stood up to airport abuse and equator heat and humidity

without any issues.  I didn't leave it outside for any extended period of time, so it didn't get punished as well as it could have,

but I'm satisfied with the product and would consider purchasing more in the future due to the attractive price ($35.70US).

A similar size Pelican case cost 4 times as much.