LPCXpresso 51U68 Dev Board - Review

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RoadTest: LPCXpresso 51U68 Dev Board

Author: dhanaganesh

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Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?:

What were the biggest problems encountered?: I didn't encounter any major problem in my test.

Detailed Review:

Shipping & Delivery:


It’s important and noteworthy thing to state about delivery, as everyone were really excited to get a new product on hands. Got Nxp’s OM40005 by hand on correct time. Packaging was bubble wrapped and received in good condition. I can give 10/10 for this part.






About the LPCXpresso 51u68 board:


It’s kind of Woww ! Development board I used till now, extremely low pricing with 100 MHz of core speed. On board CMSIS-DAP debugger is very big plus for me. Expansion options based on Arduino UNO is a good thing for extended prototyping, its an extremely low power board, 96kb of SRAM is another plus.



SDK & Toolchains:


Here is the online SDK builder. SDK can be compiled online using our own settings with optional middleware components like DSP lib/USB stack/RTOS. SDK have example codes on all available IP's.




After selecting the configuration, we can start making build for our required target.





And finally we can download the built SDK by simply clicking the download option on the above page.


MCUXpresso IDE:


Here you can find a download link for MCUXpresso Integrated Development Environment package(Windows/Linux/iOS). It’s an eclipse based IDE. I was using Keil ARM for my STM and lpc 2148 prototype projects, now I chosen MCUXpresso due to Its free of charge, No limit on code size, Most of the standard toolchains can be linked with this, and it supports all major operating systems. I feel like it’s an all in one tool.


Installing downloaded SDK on IDE will be finished by just a dragging SDK zip on IDE’s “Installed SDKs” Panel. Easy “import SDK example(s)” option to export examples and work on it. Kudos for Nxp's MCUXpresso IDE & SDK team for their hard-work.


I have tested both Linux (Ubuntu) & Windows versions of MCUXpresso IDE's and in both cases i was able to program & debug the target without any problem.



Working on LPCXpresso 51u68:


Started working on board by running all time baby demo(Led blink). And here noteworthy mention is we have got a multi color RGB Led, and that was working very well. I can able to program & debug the board without any struggle using inbuilt Link2 CMSIS-DAP.




Simple level indicator to test the GPIOs, i have used 10 Digital pins for the output and it will start triggered by the one input pin.






Inbuilt Analog to digital converter check by using Temperature sensor with LPCXpresso 51u68:




Have tested with 10k potentiometer with 3.3v in one end, got full ADC range(0-4095) .


Testing Servo Motor using the pwm pin of LPCXpresso 51u68:




Final words:


I would say this is a perfect piece of product for the price. NXP did the great job by giving its customer's great platform to make their prototyping easier. The documentation is quite good.  It would be spectacular board if BT module is present for the wireless comm. As it is low power and high speed platform i feel this prototyping board with some added interfacing modules like wireless fidelity or lora will be perfectly suitable for IOT design process.