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RoadTest: Cellular Network Analyser

Author: ccomputertech

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Evaluation Type: Test Equipment

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Not really many devices easily available on the market comparable to the Siretta LTE Analyzer. The system is unique and very handy to have on job-sites.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The system is not completely laid out with step by step procedures. It took a few minutes to learn how to connect the analyzer to a PC and read the data and to be able to run a scan.

Detailed Review:

The Siretta Snyper-LTE Graphyte arrives in very impressive packaging. Opening it feels like you're opening a CIA briefcase. It's very professional, but also makes me think of "spy" gadgets that I always loved as a kid.


When you first open the briefcase, you're greeted with the network analyzer itself, in addition to all kinds of connectivity tools. There are two basic radio antennas, one tri-point antenna, power adapters and USB converters, in addition to a directional Livescan Antenna Box. One welcome addition is the world adapters for the system to be charged and used in other countries.


The Siretta arrived without any battery charge, but after charging it up once, I haven't had to recharge it after dozens of uses. It just continues to work. The battery lasts forever!


Now, onto the device itself. The network analyzer has USB charging and PC connectivity, an antenna hookup at the top and a SIM card slot on the bottom. The system is very industrial feeling. The screen is easy to read in bright daytime lights and tactile buttons are easy to use, even with gloves on. The survey allows for multiple different tests. You can either perform an LTE or UMTS survey, or you can perform both in a "Full Survey". Each scan is then saved into survey results to easily look back on later. What I love about the saved results, is how the system will tell you which channel the service was found on, what the dBm signal strength was recorded as, a multitude of other information, in addition to which provider the service was found on. It's incredible to be able to look through and see what the best service is per location based on signal strength, available LTE channels, and dBm.


That's the main benefit of this product, I believe. I am a traveling IT Technician. I go from job site to job site and work in tons of different areas. This device is a huge benefit for me in my business. To no longer play a guessing game of what the best service carrier to go with is and where a home LTE router should be placed within the home. I've used this at homes dozens of times and am impressed and very grateful to have it in my toolbox every time.


This system is best for IT Technicians, home network installers, and LTE carriers. It's an awesome tool to have when you need it!

  • Did I miss something here? Is this the complete review or an addendum to a review already posted?


    The Siretta arrived without any battery charge, but after charging it up once, I haven't had to recharge it after dozens of uses. It just continues to work. The battery lasts forever!

    I used the unit for close to three months. The battery is constantly under load, even when the unit is powered off. Unless the unit is stored on a charger there is a high likelihood the batteries will be drained when the unit is to be used.


    The quantity of content for the review reflects the amount of time and effort invested in evaluating the unit. This post is equivalent to a blurb found on the back of a book dust cover and not worthy of an Element14 Community Roadtest review. My apologies to the vendor supplying the equipment. You have sufficient reason to be miffed.