HARTING preLink® Ethernet Connection System - Review

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RoadTest: HARTING preLink® Ethernet Connection System

Author: dwinhold

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

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Detailed Review:

I would like to thank Harting and Element14 for choosing me as a Roadtester. I quite enjoyed working with and using the Harting preLink Ethernet System.


The Kit:


I was quite surprised when I opened the box with the items from Harting. It was very well packed in a hard cover, snap shut folding case. The crimper came in a fitted cardboard box. Upon opening the hard cover case I was treated to a very well laid out selection of different connectors and cables. There was also a booklet with all the different network products Harting has to offer.







Next is a close up of all the connectors included in the kit:



This is the termination block. It would be similar (but not even close to) the standard RJ45 end of a network cable. The reason I say similar is that it is where the CAT5/6 wire terminates at. The not even close comment is because this is much more diversified as you will see shortly.



The red cover is a great idea for protecting the assembled cables for feeding through the walls. As you can see it has the handy loop hole for the electricians fish tape to attach to.



This is the Ha-VIS prelink M12 Plug. Easy to assemble and
like the others it works with the termination block.



The Ha-VIS Extender is exactly what you would think, it is
for cable extensions and transitions. Each end accepts the termination block
for easy use.



The Ha-VIS RJ45 connector is your more then your standard
RJ45. This is very easy to attach to your CAT5/6 cable due to the termination
block. Just slip the block into the connector and snap it shut.




Next is the preLink RJ45 jack with CAT6, HIFF-format. Like
all the others, the termination block slips into the jack, that’s it, you have
your female end created.



Now we have the Han PushPull connector. This RJ45 quick
connect/disconnect I have found is a great option for running any network. The
female end block can be easily attached to the wall or desk ready for the quick
disconnect male end to complete the network.



This is the DIN rail outlet. I didn’t have a Keystone-format
jack to demonstrate this. It is a good option for terminating at panels.



The final piece is the pre-Link assembly tool. It
simultaneously crimps all IDC contacts while cutting off all the individual
wires. This is completed in one step.



Now how this all works:


The termination block has 3 wiring diagrams for your convenience.
I also show how you want the block positioned related to the wires for proper
use. As you see, the arrow on the diagram is pointing to the arrow on the
termination block. When inserting the termination block into the connectors,
the label with the arrow is always facing up.


RJ45 Male


RJ45 Female


Quick disconnect


M12 plug

The extender


As a note, the same termination block was used in every photo. That is how easy the Harding per-Link system is to use. I would recommend this system for any network. I will be changing my network wiring over to the Harding system.


Any questions or comments are welcome, I will do what I can to answer.


Thank you


Dale Winhold