HARTING preLink® Ethernet Connection System - Review

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RoadTest: HARTING preLink® Ethernet Connection System

Author: baba1994

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Toyo connectors were bought by us from the ease of its usage, but to make sure that the prototype we made was reliable for which we used Harting products and also Molex.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Harting products are difficult for us students to procure due to the less quantity and budget alloted to us by the college.

Detailed Review:

I'd Like to thank Harting and Element14 to give us the opportunity to use these high quality products and review them.



Our friend Nttin Mane has already explained to us quite a lot of things and also done the unboxing of the same.

Coming to our application, we are a team that makes Hybrid Formula prototypes.

There are various places where we could use the Harting product.
We chose to use it for the communication from the Battery Monitoring Boards to the Controller .
In this blog I shall be showing the prototype we built and the place where we shall include the Harting products.

     Our Hybrid Prototype's front view




The accumulator box where the Batteries and the Battery Management systems are located.

I will surely try to make another post with the Pics of how the connectors have been used and how we have tested the reliability

So please stay tuned to this blog!
I would thank Harting and Element14 again for giving us this opportunity.



Warm Regards,

Biswajit Roy