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Learn more about PCB design with CadSoft’s EAGLE software





Don’t miss these free webinars, taking place on:


23rd February 2011

10.00 – 12.00 CET (Basic)

13.00 - 15.00 CET (Advanced).


The first webinar is perfect for beginners who want to learn more about how EAGLE can support you in your design process.

The  second webinar is ideal for advanced users who want to learn more about  how to create and organize libraries, parts and footprints effectively.


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EAGLE™ Schematic Capture and PCB Layout software from CadSoft has for over 20 years continuously satisfied electronic design   engineers with low-cost leadership in the Electronic Design Automation   industry.





Whereas   other CAD tool companies have added support for integrated circuit   design, CadSoft chose to remain focused on printed circuit board design  –  users find it easy to use and fast to learn. EAGLE’s code is high quality because it’s been developed by the same software development team for decades.



Agenda for the two webinars:


Basic webinar:

EAGLE Introduction

Modules and Editions

EAGLE Control Panel -- Overview

Starting a project

Creating a Schematic

What do have to think about before?

Basic commands

Component placement

Searching for components in the libraries

Drawing electrical connections

Net classes

Add further sheets

Electrical Rule Check

How can DesignLink help in creating a schematic?

Creating board from your schematic

What to think about before starting?

Layer setup and design rules

Forward/Back Annotation

Drawing the board

Board contour

Arrange components

Routing, manually, Follow-me-Router, Autorouter

Copper pouring

Design Rule Check

Creating Manufacturing data -- CAM Processor

Gerber data, Drilling data

Creating Library Components

Some thought about library management

Create a Package

Create a Symbol

Create a Device

Short overview about the EAGLE User Language


Advanced webinar:

Creating Library Components
Some thoughts about library management
-Useful settings
-What does a component consist of?
Creating Packages
-Through-hole packages
-Surface Mount Devices
-How to define arbitrary shapes and oblong holes
-Helpful tools for package creation
Creating Symbols
-The PIN command
-What is a Power pin
-What is a Supply pin
Creating a Device(Set)
-Devices with several gates
-Multiple package variants
-Description with HTML tags