RoadTest the ADS7042 BoosterPack and MSP430FR4133



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About this Webinar

Battery life is paramount in the world of wireless sensors and wearable technology, but many of these products on the market today require nightly to weekly recharges or frequent battery changes. Thanks to some significant advances in data acquisition ICs, it is now possible to greatly decrease the energy it takes to acquire sensor data. Additionally, many of these integrated circuits have increased accuracy and precision over last-generation solutions while fitting into a size as small as 1.5mm x 1.5mm. 


This session will explain how wireless sensor and wearable products can take better data more often while only consuming power measured in nanoWatts using TI's ADS704x family of ultra-small and ultra-low power SAR ADCs.  A “hands on” demo featuring the ADS7042 BoosterPack (BOOST-ADS7042) will be included as part of this session.


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About the PresenterPeggy Liska currently works in the Precision Analog team at Texas Instruments.  She has experience with embedded system design in a variety of applications including automotive safety systems, test and measurement equipment, seismic data acquisition systems, and personal electronics.  Her background is primarily in embedded systems applications engineering and product-level marketing.
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