With the advent of Linear Technology’s newer IC designs and development for improved thermal performance and faster switching frequency, a new family of buck-boost µModule regulators are introduced with the inductor on-board the device (figure 3). The LTM8055 and LTM8056 are the first members of this family with the LTM8054 (lowest power of the three) to be released in a few months.


In this webinar, the focus is on discussing the benefits that the LTM8055 and LTM8056 with the LTM8054 can provide to the designer.


Figures 1-3. Choices for buck-boost regulators: Discrete and µModule Circuits


DiscreteLTM4605,LTM4607,LTM4609 LTM8055, LTM8056
Cheapest but Complex    Simpler, Higher Power µModule          Simplest, Higher Voltage µModule





About the Presenter:


Afshin Odabaee is the business manager for Linear Technology’s µModule DC/DC converters. Afshin joined Linear Technology in 1995. He received his BSEE from Santa Clara University. Afshin is a budding photographer in his leisure time.