We are pleased to invite you to the


Tuesday 7th. June at Farnells premises,
Marielundvej 48 C, Herlev
from 9.00-12.00



imageLearn how to add USB connectivity to

your next embedded design.

This 'Breakfast' Workshop provides an opportunity for hardware and software engineers
to meet with their local Microchip USB expert.


These sessions are designed to be informal with only a limited number of slides being presented. Our experienced engineers will demonstrate both Microchip's standard USB development tools and also show examples of USB enabled PIC® MCU's being used in various applications including printer / bar code scanner / graphics / file system and audio applications.


Stack and Programming will be shown live and customers will be encouraged to discuss their own USB designs.


All attendees will receive a discounted MPLAB® Starter Kit for PIC24F Microcontroller which includes an integrated in-circuit debugger and programmer, USB device and host connectors,
tri color LED, capacitive touch pad and an OLED display. Menu driven demonstration software supports data logging, thumb drive, and graphics applications to test the PIC24F MCU.


Attendees will also receive a free voucher for any full single day Microchip run RTC hands-on training class.



8.30 - 9.00 Arrival/Registration
9.00 - 12.00 Presentation


£30.00 (excl taxes) or 35.00Euros (excl taxes) - includes refreshments, discounted tool (DM240011) and RTC voucher.


To book please go to www.farnell-microchip-training.com.
After registration you will receive an email providing details of how to pay Farnell for your attendance


For more information about the Breakfast Workshops, please visit: