imageSince their invention, oscilloscopes have been used to see the invisible. By showing current and voltage waveforms and how they change over time, oscilloscopes have enabled engineers and electronics enthusiasts to verify their designs and troubleshoot problems.  And then designs became smaller, faster and more integrated.  To keep pace, the oscilloscope has had to re-invent itself.  In the last few years, the very definition of an oscilloscope and what you can expect has radically altered.  So you think you know oscilloscopes?  Join us for this 20-minute webinar and find out if you’re right.
Presenter: Dave Gutshall
As a 14 year veteran of Tektronix, Dave Gutshall has had the opportunity to witness and actively participate in the current renaissance of oscilloscope technology.  Presenting in a relaxed and humor filled manner, his understanding and experience in a variety of applications allows him to bring first-hand knowledge to his customer training sessions and public seminars.