imageToday, most of the Internet connected gadgets can be easily controlled from the Web or our mobile devices. But, what if you want to make them work together? You will need different mobile (or Web) apps, deal with different user experiences and learn different commands among other. That’s a mess! If you are a developer, you need to deal with protocols, APIs, data formats, etc. That's still a mess!
During this webinar Marc will introduce theThings.IO. theThings.IO is the social network of the Internet of Things where users can connect all their online gadgets in a single dashboard. After that they are able to visualize the data generated by their objects, interact with them and re-program their Internet connected objects.
Developers will have access at our Internet of Things SDK to build apps on the top of the theThings.IO Internet connected gadgets. These apps will be available for users through theThings.IO marketplace, the first Internet of Things’ app marketplace. During the webinar Marc will show how to develop apps at theThings.IO.
On the other hand, theThings.IO is offering its cloud platform to new hardware startups and makers to connect their new things to the Internet through their cloud platform. New dozens hardware startups are appearing in the Internet of Things scenario and all of them are building their own Internet of Things cloud platform. We want to offer our own scalable and secure cloud platform to them to make their business more efficient.
Presenter: Marc Pous
Marc Pous is the founder and IoT advocate of theThings.IO startup []. He has been involved in research centers leading the technical activities in the areas of Internet of Things and Smart Cities. Marc is the organizer of the Internet of Things (IoT) Barcelona meetup community [] and co-organize the IoT Munich community. He is also the Wearable Wednesdays Barcelona ambassador and the P2PU School of Internet of Things captain [].