imageWith the rise of the Internet of Things and the Maker Movement, the ability to quickly develop web-enabled, battery powered devices is becoming increasingly important. While Arduino has lowered the barrier to entry significantly, developing (and debugging) devices that use advanced features like graphics and internet connectivity is still extremely difficult.
Espruino makes writing embedded software easy. It takes JavaScript - familiar to any web developer - and fits it into a power efficient ARM microcontroller. Developers instantly have access to the features of a modern interpreted programming language, without having to install any specialised tools on their computer. Code can be modified while Espruino is running, allowing for extremely fast prototyping and debugging.
Join this Webinar to learn about the benefits of JavaScript on Microcontrollers, and how to get started with Espruino. We'll cover Espruino's features, and show how its event based nature makes it easy to create devices that last for years on a single battery. We'll finish with a live demo: creating a battery-powered device with a graphical display.
Presenter: Gordon Williams
Gordon has been making things for as long as he can remember - from software, to gadgets, to whole cars. For the last two years he's been developing Espruino - which uses JavaScript to drastically decrease the difficulty of embedded software development.
Want an Espruino of your very own?  Espruino!