RapiroThis webinar will show you how to use Simulink to program a RAPIRO. The RAPIRO robot uses both a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino on board. The webinar will end with a live Q&A session and pointers to tools and resources. Specific topics covered include:
  • Overview
  • Programming a Raspberry Pi (on RAPIRO) using Simulink to run a ball detection algorithm
  • Programming an Arduino (on RAPIRO) using Simulink to move the robot in a specific direction.
  • Communication between Raspberry Pi and Arduino
Getting Started Resources
Presenter: Aditya Kaushik
Aditya Kaushik has a masters in electrical engineering and works with the engineering development group at MathWorks. Aditya helps MATLAB and Simulink users solve their technical problems and particularly enjoys building apps showcasing the usefulness of MATLAB.