Elektor LogoIn this webinar Jaime, Elektor Labs Moderator and Editor checks if Parallax’ friendly, capable, and peppy ActivityBot robot can be bought to life in 30 minutes. A tough challenge indeed, and the odd Spanish word may be heard as Jaime masters the hardware and software in front of the camera. Jaime has the following strong points of ActivityBot to grapple with:
  • Easy to program in C on Windows, Mac, or Linux with the SimpleIDE software and custom Simple Libraries;
  • Multicore Propeller control board makes it quick to integrate sensors, motors, and more;
  • High-speed servo motors with optical encoders provide fast, consistent maneuvering;
  • Breadboard and 3-pin headers let you experiment with common electronics parts, no soldering or proprietary connectors required;
  • Component kit makes navigation systems that use touch, visible light, infrared light and ultrasonic sensors;
  • Built-in SD card slot and microSD card are ready for data-logging and file storage.
Webinar attendees can look forward to 30 minutes of human vs. robot. Bets are taken!
About the presenter
Jaime, 28, originally of León, Northern Spain, currently lives in Madrid. He holds a BSc. in Industrial Electronics from the ICAI School of Engineering in Madrid. After working as a technician, a translator, and a sales engineer, he joined the Elektor team with a clear objective: to keep learning! Aside from technology, Jaime enjoys kickboxing, skating, playing the bass, reading, traveling, and above all, increasing his record collection.