imageThis webinar will provide a practical introduction on how to enable your smart home with the use of Raspberry Pi and EnOcean sensors. We'll take you through a basic introduction of the hardware, the software and then how to configure the FHEM home automation server.  We'll also feature a live showcase which will show the kit in action!
  • Introduction to Smart Home & Energy Harvesting
  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi, EnOcean Pi, Sensor Kit
  • Software: Raspian, FHEM and other tools from the Linux world
  • Configuration of the FHEM home automation server
    • EnOcean PI as transceiver, PTM 210 as switch, STM 320 as window contact and STM 330 as temperature sensor
  • Live showcase
    • Switch on/off light with user interface of web browser (via Raspberry Pi)
    • Receive and visualize temperature sensor values
    • Receive status of window contact
Presenter: Markus Kreitmair
Markus Kreitmair’s passion has always been innovative technology. When he studied electrical engineering in the 1990s, he was enthused by the upcoming radio network and internet technologies. He was able to carry this passion forward as a software developer for Siemens. From 2001 he was product manager for the first Java enabled GSM phone SL45i, Director of the mobile phones developer program and Product Manager for new mobile services including a music download platform. At the beginning of 2008, Markus joined EnOcean's product marketing team as innovation manager. In this role he brings EnOcean’s technology to research projects (R&D resources), OEM customers (dev kits) and enthusiasts (starter kits).
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